Grand slam

President Obama may not know how to throw out the first pitch at the All-Star Game, but he knows how to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

In fact, he clobbered a grand slam Wednesday night in his health care reform speech to a joint session of Congress.

Obama reminded us why he got the majority of votes in the last presidential election.

He can successfully join eloquence and toughness and leave the opposition looking like stubborn little children who are holding their breath until they get their way.

Indeed, Obama was the adult in the room.

As evidenced by the moronic GOP Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina (I know, moronic and Southern lawmaker is redundant) yelling “You lie!” while the president reaffirmed there would be no coverage for illegal immigrants in his health care plan.

Wilson would have known this to be true if he would’ve read the health care proposal.

But then, some children can never learn the mastery of doing their homework.

And the Republicans on the playground don’t have to study, just memorize the bumper sticker talking points from Karl Rove.

Many legislators — including some Republicans —- thought Wilson’s outburst was in poor taste.

Fox News thought, “A star is born!”

Wilson immediately apologized for what he called his “lack of civility.”

Fox News must have cringed — not so much for the apology, but for Wilson using the word “civility.”

There is such a thing as decorum, and the president —– no matter who he is —– deserves the respect when speaking in the hallowed halls of the House of Representatives.

On Thursday morning, reporters were waiting for the next Fox News contributor to mass hysteria (as well as O’Reilly Patriot) outside his office on Capitol Hill.

Wilson looked like he was probably deprogrammed by Fox News and was ready to take the apology back (that should be happening soon).

But most striking besides the nervousness in his voice was the sweat on his upper lip that would make Dick Nixon proud.

Back to the adult in the room.

Obama called health care “a moral imperative.” True.

He said in his plan it will be illegal to deny insurance to anyone with a pre-existing condition.

Call for that to be taken out of the plan, Gov. Quitter the Twitter.

He said he will call people out who continue to lie about his plan.

If only.

But the money shot of a phrase came when The Man said, “We came here not to fear the future, but to shape it.”

All the grumpy GOP children could do was sit there like they were scolded because they blamed something on someone else (sic: lied) and got caught and were told they couldn’t watch any TV until they thought long and hard about why they lied.

They were invited by the president to bring along their best ideas so both parties could work together.

Does fear count? Because that’s the only idea the loyal opposition can muster.

That’s what they’re building their future on.

It’s an unhealthy relationship with Americans they’re trying to convince are targeted for death.

They’d tell you that they’ve got you covered, but that sounds too much like health scare.

They’re living a lie. But it’s a living.

Unless you don’t get that cherished appointment to that death panel …..

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2 Responses to Grand slam

  1. MJP says:

    If that’s you’re idea of a “grand slam,” Mr. Bruno, you are deeper into the abyss than even I thought. It was boring, long, short on details and disingenuous–and full of lies!

    We can do either two things: believe that a goverment program/entity will actually be efficient and worthy or we can look at history and see that they ultimately cost too much with very poor service (post office, Social Security, Medicare, VA, DMV, California state legislature, etc.)

    To bow at the ulter of Obama is foolhardy and dangerous. One more huge gulp of liberal utopia with this Obama Healthcare will tip the country into less than mediocrity–we will never get our freedom, liberty and individual spririt back.

  2. paul C in PA says:

    Medicare and Social Security have served my elderly relatives very well for years…in fact, kept them healthy and alive. The post office does have some faults but does deliver a fairly good service at a good price. Unlike the right wing, I have no experience with the VA or Cal State Legislature so I won’t comment.

    MJP, where is your proof of the lies ? Or did Beck and Rush just tell you that ? Or, are they like the lies of WMDs in Iraq ?

    And John, just for you, whether it’s the DMV or PennDOT…oh well, you can’t win them all.

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