Here comes the Antichrist

Sure signs you might be the Antichrist:

1. You’re a Democrat

2. You’re not white

3. You weren’t born in America

4. You want the government to kill granny

5. You’re a liar

OMG! It’s Barack Obama!

A poll conducted earlier this week found that 18 percent of Republicans in New Jersey believe President Obama is the Antichrist and that 17 percent are not sure.

Makes you wonder which group there is dumber, the ones who believe it or the ones who are not sure. “Jeez, you know he might be the Antichrist. I need more convincing. Maybe if he leveled Passaic…”

New Jersey has recently overtaken Cleveland as a sure-fire punchline. As in “New Jersey is The Garden State, even though it smells like a cesspool.”

Obama is the Antichrist. Talk about demonizing a guy.

What took the radical right-wing nuts so long to reach this obnoxious accusation?

They probably just got tired of waiting for Glenn Beck to get to the point. Talk about one hell of an eternity.

Can’t help but think of the line a character in Woody Allen’s “Hannah and Her Sisters” delivers after watching so much wrestling and televangelists on TV. He says: “If Jesus came back to Earth now, he’d never stop throwing up.”

Speaking of the Antichrist, Obama gave another rousing speech at a health care reform rally at the University of Maryland.

MSNBC carried it. Of course.

So did CNN.

Missing in action again was none other than Fox So-Called News.

This is the second time in a week that Fox didn’t carry one minute of the president’s speech.

Maybe Fox is concerned that if it carries Obama’s speech some ofits listeners might actually pay attention to what he’s saying.

OK, hell will freeze over first, but why take chances?

Instead, Fox will air Obama’s critics (the Archangel batallion put on Earth to destroy the Antichrist) giving their perspectives on a speech that wasn’t even carried in part.

Sure, there will be soundbites, but only those that critics (on both sides, to be fair) are expert at tearing down.

Once again, manufacturing the news, not reporting it in full so they can tell their viewers what they should take away from it.

Why would Fox So-Called News cover the Antichrist speaking at a university. University —– that means education, and learnin’ to think for yourself and challenge things like the status quo that —– hello! —– isn’t working.

Education is like kryptonite to Fox So-Called News superzeroes.

Obama gave his usual “Fired up! Ready to Go!” speeches to the young people in the crowd at the university.

Uplifting lines lines like “Americans don’t feed on diversion or anger — but on hope.”

Or this one: “Americans can still do great things.”

Sounds like the Antichrist to me.

More racist stuff, if you believe former President Jimmy Carter, who earlier this week said racists nationwide can’t accept the fact that a black person can lead the country.

Obama isn’t a legitimate president because he wasn’t born here. He’s “not one of us.”

Carter makes valid points here.

So naturally he was immediately attacked by Jabba the Butt Limbaugh, who said Carter was the nation’s hemmroid.

This from Jabba the Butt, a real humungous load of crap who suffers from diarrhea of the mouth.

Butt knows hemroids —- that’s what his ditto-heads used to be called in this blog before they were given the moniker Butt-plugs, and/or Butt-pluggers.

Plug away, little minions. Jabba need more of you to pucker up. Jabba can’t survive unless you tailgate.

Listen very carefully to everything Jabba say. Jabba speak for you. Jabba tell you how to think, too.

Pay no attention to those brain cells of yours dying.

You’re not using your head anyway.

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One Response to Here comes the Antichrist

  1. paul C in PA says:

    Quick again…but what about Fox’s viewers and Rush’s & Beck’s listeners…that’s the right argument, isn’t it MJP ?

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