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Cooler heads prevail

The voice of reason coming from the Republican Party is coming from former first ladies. Recently Nancy Reagan told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that the political parties should be working together instead of being polar opposites on every issue. On Monday, … Continue reading


Mickey Marvel

Disney bought Marvel Comics for $4 billion last week. When you wish upon a star ….. makes a difference who you are with that kind of money. Of course, there have been ideas floating out there on the InterWeb as … Continue reading


School of thought

As Elmer Fudd might say: “Those waskally wight wingnuts are at it again.” This time they made all wationality — uh, rationality —– irrelevant. If you can believe your eyes and ears, the wing-nutballs want to keep our children out … Continue reading

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Where there’s a Will

Mission accomplished. It is if you’re uber-conservative columnist George “throws a baseball like a girl” Will. It’s time for us to get out of Iraq, by George. That’s what he says. Now. Will, syndicated by The Washington Post, wrote in … Continue reading



Jeez, is there enough stuff out there to keep scaring the bejesus out of us? If it’s not the swine flu it’s Obama-care that was first going to kill granny and along the way started to set its sights on … Continue reading


Let’s make Dick Cheney happy

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is not a happy camper. He’s not a happy hunter either —- but that’s another story for another day. The poor guy’s out there on his own trying to protect his legacy, which is not … Continue reading