Media Circus peanuts

That Levi Johnston is some kind of a nut.

Johnston, Bristol Palin’s love daddy, is in a commercial pushing pistachios.

One could say he is a shell of his former self (which wasn’t anything to write home about in the first place), but there’s still a few minutes left on his 15 minutes of fame.

In fact, he announced he’s going to bare it all for Playgirl magazine. Wonder if that will get “Death Panels” Palin pulse all-a-Twitter.

Expect a slew of TV comics to poke fun at Levi deciding to pose without his Levis. Especially Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, who can’t seem to get through a monologue without a male organ joke.

Even female anchorwomen are cracking jokes already, giggling like schoolgirls and saying things like “Can Levi measure up?”

More proof that anyone can insult the male of the species at anytime on the liberal news media TV. In fact, it’s beginning to look a lot like it’s even encouraged.

Now picture this — OK, poor choice of words — but imagine if it was Bristol Palin announcing she was going to bare all for Playboy magazine.

Whoa! The pitchforks and torches would be headed toward Hugh Hefner’s Sexist Mansion. News people —– probably more men than women —- would be yelling exploitation.

But guys can do just about anything that degrades them and no one will complain.

Whoops, sorry David Letterman. Let’s rephrase that, young dudes in the limelight can do anything and get away with it. Levi’s next move will be cougar approved.

As for Dave, now he’s got NOW on his case. The National Organization for Women is slamming the late night talk show host, saying that he made the workforce a “toxic environment” for women. What, was he making them walk through plutonium before they had sex?

You’ll never see NOW whine about cougars taking advantage of younger men in the workplace. In fact, there’s even a TV series called “Cougar Town.” Older women-younger man has been a trend on TV for about 20 years now.

NOW is the group that tried to be hip in the 1980s by adopting Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” as its anthem.

Ironically, that song helped pave the way for what has come to be called the post-feminist era.

NOW can’t seem to get the message that sometimes women are the aggressors —– especially the modern woman. And no guy’s going to argue with that.

And they just want to have fun —– politically correct be damned.

As Billy Crystal’s character Fernando used to say things are “crazy going nuts.”

Which leads us back to pistachios.

Levi’s TV ad doesn’t make any sense, which is perfect because he was about to join a family that lives by that credo.

So how about other people doing ads for the Media Circus peanut snacks?

Looney tune GOP Minnesota Congresswoman Michele “They’re coming to take me away, ha, ha” Bachmann was way ahead of the curve on this one —- she continues to sell herself as “just plain nuts.”

GOP Nevada Sen. John “Torpedo, full-speed ahead” Ensign —- who admitted to having an affair with a female staffer who was married to one of his office worker and were paid $96,000 by Ensign’s mammy and pappey to hush up —– wants all the ladies in his House on “C” Street harem to refer to him as “Almond Joy.”

Then there’s GOP South Carolina Congressman Joe “You Lie!” Wilson who, in honor of his Southern heritage, could easily sell himself in an ad as “The Human Goober.”

As for refreshments to wash down the salty snack, that will be courtesy of the ultimate nutcracker, Jabba the Butt and his new Kool-Aid-flavored Limbaugh lemon.

This time Jabba tell his butt-plugs not to get swine flu shot.

There’s a conspiracy there somewhere. Maybe it’s filled with fluid that makes people accept socialism.

In any event, Jabba say “Screw you, Miss Sebelius.” Referring of course to Health and Human Services “Czar” Kathleen Sebelius.

“I’m not going to get the shot because you told me to,” Jabba say to his millions of butt-pluggers listening with masterbated breath to his everyword.

File this one under the headline “Swine refuses to get swine flu shot.”

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