Beasts of the East

The Pittsburgh Steelers must have Brett Favre thiking about retiring again.

The (now with) Minnesota Vikings quarterback had a rough go of it in the City of Champions on Sunday.

The Vikings and Favre were unbeaten this season going into the game. They soon realized they weren’t in Cleveland, San Francisco, Detroit, or even Green Bay anymore.

“Yunz” in Pittsburgh.

Blitzburgh’s vaunted D, commanded by field marshal Dick LeBeau, tacked 14 points on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter off of two Favre turnovers.

Seeing linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who hasn’t missed too many meals, scoop a Favre forced fumble and rumble 77-yards for a touchdown was a hoot.

Woodley even boasted that it was all the better because he “juked a guy” as his teammates formed an armada on his way to his moment in the October sun.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Steelers’ D delivered an encore in the form of a knockout punch.

Linebacker Keyaron Fox intercepted a Favre pass that bounced off Vikings receiver Chester Taylor and returned it 82-yards to seal the victory.

The Steelers’ best offense was its defense on Sunday.

LeBeau’s Pummels pretty much kept All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson in check. You can hide, but you can’t run on the Steelers.

To Peterson’s credit, he did steamroll the Steelers’ William Gay (not an easy task.)

Obviously, Peterson is playing for the wrong team. That kind of punishing hit is associated with a player wearing black and gold.

After the game, Gay even said of Peterson: “He’s not human …. Dude’s made of steel.”

No chinks in the Steel Curtain this Sunday.

“Shades of Ham, Blount,

Lambert and Greene.

Just another season this Steelers D

may be the best you’ve ever seen.”

That doesn’t mean the Steelers’ offense was out to lunch. They took a big chunk of the fourth quarter off, that’s true, but QB Ben Roethlisberger hooked up with his talented rookie receiver for a key touchdown just before the half.

The rook’s name is Mike Wallace —– an appropriate name for a player on a Steelers’ roster that gives fans an edge-of-your-seat 60 minutes every time out.

Start spreading the news……

In case you haven’t heard, the New York Yankees are going to the World Series for the 40th time.

Sportscasters from ESPN to Fox Sports knew it all along and were just waiting for the formalities to round the bases.

And they just can’t disguise their adoration for the Bronx Bombers.

The best team that money can buy is living up to its hype and will more than likely beat the defending World Series Champions Philadelphia Phillies in six games.

But guys, lighten up on the worshipping at the cleats of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

And Fox Sports, can you please give the viewers a thousand more cut-away shots of actress Kate Hudson everytime A-Rod gets on base?

What does Hudson bring to the dish besides being a hot dish? She’s the babe A-Rod is shagging.

Maybe during the Series, Fox Sports can show cut-away shots of the babes other Yankees are doing.

Check out the hot tamale Jorge Pasada is doing the nasty with!

And give it up for Nick Swisher’s Playboy bunny gal-pal. He’s no swisher, ladies!

Where’s the outrage, feministas? Hudson is being paraded on national TV as a sex object. Boy-toy of A-Rod.

Hey, sports buffs, here’s an idea on how to combine the two lovebirds and tie in the sports-Hollywood connection. He plays sports and she’s in the movies, so America meet “A-Rod and reel.”

As for the announcing, is there anyone more annoying than Fox Sports baseball broadcaster Tim McCarver?

The master of the obvious is so bland he makes vanilla look flamboyant.

McCarver actually said this about the Yankees’ unhittable closer Mariano Rivera: “How appropriate for Mariano Rivera to begin every pitch with a bow.”

Huh? What’s that mean? Don’t know, McCarver didn’t elaborate. He spews more nonsense out of his mouth than the players spit.

But the ratings whores at Fox Sports are in seventh heaven now that they’ve got the Yankees on their network.

It’s an East Coast Fall Classic guaranteed to beat even “Dancing with the Stars” in the Nielsen’s.

The East Coast bias the media (including sports) is accused of has its World Series.

Teams from the West Coast are toast —— although the TV ratings whores probably would’ve preferred the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Yankees for the “manager Joe Torre returns to New York” rivalry.

California teams are hated back East. It’s the overbearing liberal La La movie star thing. East Coast sports teams (like the Steelers, baby!) have fan bases out here because of all the transplants.

Consider this: L.A., for all its glitz and glamour, is actually not nearly as arrogant as New York.

Is there a more arrogant team in all of sports than the Yankees? Ever deal with a native New Yorker now living in California?

As for Philadelphia, no one cared that they won the whole enchalada last year and won’t care this year one way or the other.

Go ahead, hold the World Series this year in the rain and chance of snow. Whatever team wins can extradite their criminals to the losing city.

Anyway, it’s football season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have just taken another step up the “Stairway to Seven.”

How many Super Bowl wins do the New York teams (combined) have again….?

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  1. paul C in PA says:

    Thank you Johnny…The sun never sets on the black and gold…whether it’s the Steelers or Penguins…the Pirates, oh well, you can’t win them all.

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