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Next time you check into a hotel, check the Bible. If it’s too liberal in its translation, then who you gonna call? Biblebusters. That’s right, you hethen Obamaites. This lunatic right wing-nut blog called Conservapedia has decided that liberal bias … Continue reading

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Dave’s dilemma

Minions of “Death Panels” Palin —- or Palinistas as some refer to them —– are saying in essence that David Letterman’s dilemma involving his being blackmailed is retribution brought on by a higher power. No, not Jabba the Butt Limbaugh. … Continue reading


Super Dave

David Letterman conducted sexual favors in his love den? Letterman. The guy who looks like a cross between Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman and Big Bird. As Dave used to say on his old TV show in the 1980s, “My, … Continue reading

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The week in review

Blame it on Rio Fox Noose and Jabba the Butt Limbaugh immediately started gloating when Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting in Copenhagen to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. They were of course celebrating President Obama failing … Continue reading