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Tuesday is election day and all eyes are on the governor’s race in New Jersey. That’s because the incumbent Democrat John Corzine is behind in the polls to the Republican candidate. President Obama was campaigning in the Garden State for Corzine, and if he doesn’t eek out the victory, it will be a mark on Obama’s clout.

There hasn’t been this much interest in New Jersey since the onset of the urban legend of Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in 1975, was rumored to have been buried in one of the end zones at Meadowlands where The New York Football Giants play their home games.

Another key race is in upstate New York where the battle for a congressional seat is being waged by a Democrat and a candidate from the Conservative Party. The GOP candidate dropped out and endorsed the Democrat.

The conservative Party candidate was endorsed over the Republican by “Death Panels” Palin. Should the candidate win, expect Palin to gloat and take all the credit.

At face value, that would be a feather in the endangered species cap for Palin. Although the Republican Party may be thinking otherwise.

Palin certainly is living up to her soon-to-be-released memoir “Going Rogue.” She may be in the cat bird’s seat with this win and start forming a contending party for 2012.

A third party —– regardless of being conservative —– is needed now more than ever.

The Republicans are the party of no and the Democrats are the party of way too many alternatives available to choose from.

Just think if the Conservative Party became so powerful it could do whatever it wants to do and never be questioned? What kind of entertainment would we be subjected to?

Presenting The Conservative Values Channel (not to be confused with Fox Noose.)

1. The Census Be Damned: Young conservatives hit the pavement and go door to door to give Americans pamplets containing end-of-the-world scenarios as seen in versions of the Old Testament.

2. The Sarah Palin network. Endless talking points via Twitter by the former Alaskan governor with fans in Real America. Includes two hours daily of the Avalance of Awesomeness reporting on sports, as well as an hour each time out for selling government stuff on eBay. Hubby Todd has his own segment called “Getting the wife to make money for ya.” Audience participation includes trying to put lipstick on a pit bull.

3. The Rush Limbaugh National Football League. Black quarterbacks need not apply.

4. The Abstinence Channel: Series for teens who vow not to have sexual intercourse until they’re married. Alternatives include making a tapestry of the American flag, listening only to Debby Boone music, commit to memory the insane rants of Ann Coulter, and organize witch hunts to out teens who scoff at abstinence.

5. Dick Cheney’s Hunting With Liberals: The former creepy veepy looks to let bygones be bygones when he takes politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank quail hunting.

Ghoul of the week:

Last week was Halloween, but the ghouls of celebrity keep haunting the TV news media that seemingly can’t get enough of non-talented people who for no apparent (or noteworthy) reason can go on TV and say or do anything.

At the top of the list is Bristol Palin’s nitwit father of her child.

And it’s time for Levi Johnston’s 15 minutes of fame to run out.

The celebrity du jour with no discernable talent finally went too far.

Last week he appeared on a morning news show (is there really anything newsworthy on those gawd-awful morning shows?) and announced that Sarah “Death Panels” Palin often referred to her child with Down syndrome as “my little retard.”

Ok, way too much inside information. If it’s true. And even if it is, we didn’t need to know about it.

For the most part, Palin is an idiot who overdid it with the Letterman thing, but in this case she has all the right to fight back (and she did) against Johnston’s accusation.

The only thing Johnston has going for him now is that he’s prime cougar bate: He’s young, stupid and obedient.

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One Response to Third party

  1. MJP says:

    Let’s go over this again.

    Sarah Palin is adored by millions, already has a bestseller before the book is on the shelves, was a governor of a state and correctly predicts the rationing of care for the elderly if the unconstitutional Obama Unhealth Care passes (hence “death panels”). Oh yeah, she could also be our President someday, if we are lucky.

    John Bruno is a mean-spirited, whacked out, far-left “progressive” LIBERAL (icky!) with a readership of three.

    What am I missing here?

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