In a crass by himself

Jabba the Butt Limbaugh criticized President Obama’s middle-of-the-night trip last week to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where he observed the return of 18 flag-covered coffins carrying the remains of Americans killed in Afghanistan.

“It was a photo op,” Jabba belched during an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox Noose.

The slug who from Day One of the Obama administration said he hoped “this president fails” called Obama a “man-child president” who basically was in the Senate for a cup of coffee and then moved on swiftly up the ladder of political success.

The Butt called the president “narcissistic” and that everything has to revolve around him.

Duh. He’s the leader of the free world. Unlike The Butt, who is merely the defacto leader of the Republican Party and who is narcissistic and has to be the center of attention.

Jabba even chortled that the president is hell bent on destroying the private sector on purpose, which translates into “a denial of liberty, an attack on freedom.”

There’s no doubt Jabba does better —- has a better forum —- when his enemies (anybody who is a Democrat, a liberal, and especially a minority) are in power.

But the hatred he can’t disguise that he has for Obama is starting to wear thin. But thin isn’t in The Butt’s lexicon.

For a guy who makes way too much money for what he does, he’s way too angry.

Not doing so well with the ladies, fat man? Even with a $400 million contract you couldn’t get lucky with the ladies.

Anyway, it will keep you in the Viagra.

To even utter nonsense like the president went to Dover to “create the impression that he has all of this great concern” is ridiculous. George W. Bush, for all of his bad decisions like getting us into a war that wasn’t necessary, should never be accused of not caring for those who sacrificed their lives for our country.

No president should.

Last week when Obama went to Dover to pay his respects, there wasn’t a Republican elected to office who would ridicule the president’s decision. And the GOP has not been shy in their criticism of this president for practically everything he does.

But that didn’t stop Jabba from regurgitating his comments. After all, he is in a crass by himself.

And to see the Butt interviewed on Fox Noose is a lot like seeing a eunuch in a harem fanning the fat morphodite.

Wallace was worshipping at the feet of the Butt (who wasn’t wearing socks. Which is OK, since when he puts his he foot in his mouth he won’t be tastin

The questions weren’t softball —- they were wiffle ball.

Here’s a part of the interview that ended up being cut for time purposes:

Wallace: You say you’re probably worth more than President So-and-So.

Jabba: Kind of like when The Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus, if you believe Nancy Pelosi.

Wallace: Does anybody believe Nancy Pelosi anymore?

Jabba: Not if they’re Americans who don’t want to see this country taken over by feminazis with mental castration as a top priority.

Wallace: You called President What’s-his-Name immature.

Jabba: I heard he still plays with dolls.

Wallace: You say he’s inexperienced.

Jabba: He’s got Niagara Falls behind his ears. Unlike George W. Bush, who didn’t have much between his ears.

Wallace: But who is a great American nevertheless.

Jabba: If I say so.

Wallace: So you think this president is a wuss?

Jabba: He’s not strong. He wouldn’t know how to take any action. Unless it was affirmative.

Wallace: I’ll rattle off names of who is a stud or dud as great Americans. Ready? Sarah Palin

Jabba: She can move mountains, i’m drooling just thinking about her and that wink.

Wallace: Think she’ll be the first woman elected president?

Jabba: If I say so.

Wallace: Ronald Reagan.

Jabba: Great president, bad movie cowboy. See I can poke fun at Republcans.

Wallace: Was Teddy Kennedy a great American?

Jabba: I put off answering that for years on end. I always made the excuse, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Wallace: Glenn Beck.

Jabba: My own mini-me. He could be me if he had my lofty position on the world stage, my outrageous contact and my humility.

Wallace: If Jesus came back to earth right now, what would he say to you.

Jabba: Can I borrow a few grand? No, seriously, he’d say keep spreading the word that America is heaven on earth. It’s the country with the best God, the best family values, and the best chicken wings.

Wallace: Would Jesus be accepted if he came back to earth?

Jabba: If I say so.

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