New words

The New Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year is unfriend, which means to remove someone as a friend on a social
networking Web site like Facebook.
Any hip person knows that the term is actually defriend.
Be that as it may, the dictionary may have missed a few when they considered new words. Here are just a few:
1. Foxholes: Term for people who drink every drop of Kool-Aid Fox News serves up and who can recite every hate-laden and fear-mongering talking point drilled into their tiny brains.
2. Olbermen: Extremely liberal guys with big heads who wear glasses and could be in Keith Olbermann’s fraternity because they’re walking statistics when it comes to sports and tend to have a comment on everything.
3. Homophobicaerobics: The fear of being in an exercise class next to a gay person.
4. Debitoids: Name for people in supermarkets who hold up the line because they still haven’t learned how to use their debit cards when paying for groceries.
5. Spielbergian: Any movie featuring a lonely young boy who is smarter than adults and is somehow put in peril but is befriended by a cute special effects creature who, together, save the planet.
7. Orgasmicfood: Referring to TV commercials that show couples at restaurants who look and act like they’re having sex instead of dinner.
8. Donemployed: Still another way of saying that you’re not working, or have been fired.
9. Dis-an-datters: Name for people in front of you at a fast-food drive -thru who are apparently trying to revise what’s on the menu because they can’t make up their minds from what’s being offered. “Can I get dis with dat? What if I wanted to get dat with dis?”
10. Cellphoneys: Name for people who talk real loud on their cell phones in public places about something that’s absolutely of no significance.
11. Wasillies: People who swarm to Sarah Palin and worship at the feet of the Alaskan Avalanche of Awesomeness. Named for the town of Wasilla where Palin can see dollar signs from her house.
12. Obamaniks: Old hippies and beatniks who believe it was their generation that changed the world and was ultimately responsible for getting Obama elected.
13. Beckerwoods: Name for people who hinge on every word Fox Noose’s Minister of Propaganda Gelnn “Goebbels” Beck spews.
14. Commentary fairy: A person at work or at a function who gets involved in every conversation — especially if he wasn’t supposed to be involved, intentionally or unintentionally.
15. Joke-interruptus: A person who tells the punchline to a joke before the person telling the joke gets the opportunity.

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2 Responses to New words

  1. MJP says:

    16. Brunosaurus: an old relic liberal with ideas which have been proved disasterous and murderous throughout history but still spews his slobber over more intelligent and level-headed creatures around him; one who whines and cries when things don’t go his way but gloats when they do. Actually a harmless creature who no one pays attention to. Weight much heavier than the substance of his writing.

  2. paul C in PA says:

    Beckerwoods…an absolute classic.

    17. MJPing in the corn flakes. I think it defines itself.

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