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Lou Jobs

There is hope for CNN after all. Loopy Lou Dobbs, the cantankerous anti-immigration blowhard, resigned from doing his full of crap daily show. Everybody, over the fence on the count of tres. The CNN anchorhead vowed to still be heard … Continue reading


Roger that

It takes a while, but sometimes Oscar gets it right. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will finally give a special Oscar to filmmaker and producer Roger Corman. For those not familiar with Corman, he’s the man who … Continue reading

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An Associated Press poll finds that the country is in a funk. The nation’s Capital is now Funky Town.. OK, not that kind of funk. Funk you can believe in. Mr. Obama is finding out fast what JFK discovered once … Continue reading


Women of the GOP

During a paid-for speech in Wisconsin last week, “Death Panels” Palin told the crowd “Don’t let anyone ever tell you to sit down and shut up.” Hard to believe that’s ever been told to Sarah Palin’s face, but a majority … Continue reading


Top of the heap

The 2009 (New York is the greatest city in the) World Series wasn’t exactly one for the ages. The Yankees won their 27th Fall Classic title. Ho-hum. The Bronx Bombers clinched it in the sixth game against the (double ho-hum) … Continue reading


Blooper Tuesday

OK, time to make lemonade out of lemons. The tea-baggers got dunked on election night. That 23rd District Congressional race in upstate New York that featured the Conservative Party candidate went to the Democrat. Bill Owens defeated Doug Hoffman in … Continue reading


In a crass by himself

Jabba the Butt Limbaugh criticized President Obama’s middle-of-the-night trip last week to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where he observed the return of 18 flag-covered coffins carrying the remains of Americans killed in Afghanistan. “It was a photo op,” … Continue reading

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Third party

Tuesday is election day and all eyes are on the governor’s race in New Jersey. That’s because the incumbent Democrat John Corzine is behind in the polls to the Republican candidate. President Obama was campaigning in the Garden State for … Continue reading

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