King Snear

“Meantime we shall express our darker purpose.”

—– Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Since Dick Cheney can’t keep his fat trap shut, he should leave the country.

The former vice president relentlessly slams President Obama for being weak and unable to keep the country safe. And, oh yes, of dithering on Afghanistan.

Cheney continues to give our enemies the confidence they need to attack us. He is aiding and abetting the enemy. And that’s treason with a capital T.

He wants another attack on the United States so bad he can taste it. That’s about the only thing he could swallow to keep that cholesterol down so his black heart doesn’t burst.

An attack would give him great pleasure because his administration would not stand alone of being weak and asleep at the switch before we were attacked. On his watch.

“Bin Laden determined to attack the United States” was the daily briefing only days before Sept. 11 that Cheney and his band of Constitution molesters ignored.

One only hopes he still has sleepless nights because that sentence continues to rack his brain.

Dick Cheney. King Snear. Monarch of Misery. The only company he loves.

This Decorumbuster, this waste of skin, this lump of dung with feet professes to be the Ultimate Patriot in a country that is doomed unless he has his say. His way.

Truth is, he hates this country —- if only because he doesn’t have the ear of those in power to let him weild his authority.

Why else would you yearn so much to see us attacked again? It would stroke your ego and everyone would see that you were right and that we should’ve listened to you all along.

If indeed we were attacked again, you would lead a chorus of division in this country not seen since the Civil War.

You and the cretins at Fox News and Limbaugh the Ludicrous would not join in unifying the country like we did after Sept. 11. Just the opposite: You’d force Americans to choose sides and prepare for a Battle Royale within.

There is a small faction out there proposing a “Draft Cheney in 2012″ movement. Talk about your end of days. The thought is so frightening, it makes Sarah Palin look deserving of the office.

But that’s your M.O., Dick-O, maintaining that scary image. The Godfather of the Soul-less. “And then they would fear you.”

You had your chance, lump, and the country saw what you did —– you’re lucky you weren’t waterboarded.

You helped create the bad guy, the Boogey Man in Saddam because communism was dead and this country needed a new global villain.

Without the bad guy out there in the world to threaten our God-fearing, morally sound everyday lilly-white Christian as Billy Graham lives we become too soft, content. Too complacent.

The country isn’t the same without you in power. Without you scoffing at the world like the bully who took the weakling’s ball during recess.

It’s not just that you hate President Obama, the truth is there is no one in a leadership role who could’ve possibly replaced you.

That’s it. You feel guilty that you messed up and could never fess up to the fact that you left this country with a huge bull’s eye on its back.

You never caught the bad guy. In fact, word has it you and your flunky W. let him escape during the battle in Tora Bora.

It served it’s purpose —– convincing a frightened electorate that you needed another term to finish the job. To catch the guy who practically sent up a flare to announce his wrath was coming.

“Bin Laden determind to attack the United States.”

Dick Cheney determined to take back the United States.

You start by ignoring a time-honored American tradition —- a gentleman’s agreement, if you will —- by trashing a sitting president, even when he’s on foreign soil.

When God was handing out class you thought he said Ass so you said you’d take that because your true last name is Hole.

You are an insult to the America you tried to bring down to your level of fear-mongering.

You speak treason and should be shipped off to Iraq and then strapped to a weapon of mass destruction.

Of course nothing violent would ever happen to you because there are no such things as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Never were. It was all in your head. To go along with all that disdain you harbor for humanity.

The quintessential dumb blonde

Person of the week who has proven not to be smarter than a fifth-grader:

The winner is Dana Perino, former George W. Bush press secretary and now contributing idioton Fox Noose.

While press secretary, Perino admitted that she had never heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis. OK, so she was home-schooled by the Keebler elves.

What is not to be excused is what she said last week on Sean Insanity’s show. Perino said that the rampage at Fort Hood should be considered a terrorist attack.

Fair enough. But she followed that up with the idiotic statement that as far as she knew, there were no terrorist attacks during the George W. Bush presidency.

Maybe Perino ought to spend more time with fifth-graders —- even they’ve heard of Sept. 11.

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