Great expectation

President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday in Oslo, Norway, with great humility and a persuasive explanation as to how he could get a peace prize while figting two wars.

A contradiction in terms. Like the late, great George Carlin’s theory that phrases such as “peace-keeping forces” don’t make sense.

Anyway, Obama picked up his peace prize. On Saturday he’ll be in New York City at the Downtown Athletic Club to pick up the Heisman Trophy.

Next week he’ll probably be awarded an Emmy for being the first sitting president to appear on “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Meanwhile, John McCain was picking up an award from the auto club for going 50 years without a speeding ticket. Which is a feat in itself because he doesn’t drive. Ba-room-boom.

But back to the Nobel Peace Prize: Obama, in a foreign country, accepting an award — from pacifist foreigners.

This could only mean one thing to Fox Noose, right wing-nuts, and their fearless leader Jabba the Butt Limbaugh: “Norway is the new France!”

Since there are no fries called Norwegian fries that the right wing-nuts can try to convince Americans to call freedom fries, there needs to be something else.

Norway does export oil —- but it’s not Bush family/Saudi Prince worthy oil, and it’s only about 5.7 percent to the U.S. The country also exports machinery, equipment, chemicals (LSD no doubt) and fish. Hell, we’ve got plenty of fish here —- they all have three heads because of the pollutants we dump in our rivers, but, hell, that’s more eatin’.

So what will Jabba order Fox Noose to come up with? How about:

Fox Noose’s Minister of Propaganda Glenn “Goebbles” Beck —- no stranger to stretching a point to absurdity — can point to the Beatles song from the album “Rubber Soul” called “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).”

Beck: “There’s this song by the evil Beatles called “Norwegian Wood” and FM disc jockeys gooned on cocaine were playing it today in honor of the racist president being in Norway to accept his Nobel Booby Prize. Well, great Americans like you out there listening to the sound of my voice right now need to call those radio stations and complain. You know why? That evil Beatles song is about John Lennon having an extra-marital affair with a lesbian. And John Lennon ….. John Lennon was the evil Beatle who said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus!”

Maybe he meant they were taller, lump.

If anything, Lennon was versatile. He also sang a song called “Happiness is a warm gun” —– unless you’re hunting with Dick Cheney —– and at one time the NRA actually considered trying to use that tune to promote their organization.

By the way, it was the 29th anniversary of Lennon’s murder onTuesday.

Sure, I digress, but Lennon also sang “Give Peace a Chance” and devoted the last years of his life to that cause—- although at times some of it seemed self-serving, like the “bed-in for peace” nonsense with Yoko Ono in 1969.

Which brings us back to this peace prize that The Man was awarded on Thursday.

Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize this soon. Even he’s aware of that. What’s he going to do, reject a peace price. “Ah, sorry, guys, but I’m fighting two wars I inherited, and it just wouldn’t seem right.”

The decision by the peaceniks to give the prize to Obama put the president in a no-win situation.

Critics say he shouldn’t get the prize because he hasn’t done anything significant to warrant it yet. That makes sense.

But then there are those who’ll say you can’t give a guy a peace prize when he’s sending more of our troops to fight the war in Afghanistan. This also makes sense.

So, Obama would’ve deserved the peace prize if —as soon as he took office —- he brought out troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He could’ve justified it by saying he inherited the wars and, hey, he didn’t want them on his watch.

That would cue his detractors to chant “cut and run” from fighting terrorists, or that he was a peacefreak.

Obama has proven he’s not a peacenik —– much to the dismay of progressives.

He’s actually carrying on Bush and Cheney policies and Cheney keeps ripping on the guy.

Apparently the people who decide who gets the Nobel Peace Prize have seen fit to say Obama can be in the same fraternity as Gandhi or Dr. King.

In his speech in Oslo, the president presented his reason for defending the two wars. His rules of engagement.

Obama also lauded the preachers of nonviolence by saying, “A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler’s armies. Negotiations cannot convince al-Qaida’s leaders to lay down their arms.”

Right now it’s ridiculous to even mention Obama’s name in the same sentence as Gandhi and King.

Because, as much as all presidents want to be peacemakers, there is always a storm before the calm lurking somewhere on the planet.

As W. might say, “It’s hard and even difficult at times to be a peacemaker who is trying to make the peace when there’s evildoers somewhere in the world out there on Earth around the globe trying to take our freedoms away.”

And he’d be right. He’d say it like he was an idiot, but it would be hard to correctify him.

Obama inherited a mess —- but most presidents do. He can’t use that excuse anymore. The cart was put before the horse. He got the peace prize before delivering it. Now it’s up to him to live up to this great expectation. But let this one ride. For now.

After all, this is the time of year reserved for “peace on Earth and good will toward men.”

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One Response to Great expectation

  1. X says:

    Obama is in the fine company of Kissinger, who at least stopped actively killing first. Of course, Hitler’s armies invaded first, so they did need to be stopped. Then again, Obama’s armies invaded first, under previous Presidents. I note that much or most of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan did invade on Obama’s orders, in individual terms, per troop rotation policies.

    Is this blog a sop in exchange for a strong editorial position in print in support of those who kill innocent civilians overseas? I cannot imagine Bruno’s political positions appearing as editorials in the IEDB.

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