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Tiger beat?

If you can’t beat ’em, keep ’em guessing. Tiger Woods announced Friday that he was taking an “indefinite leave” from golf. The world’s greatest golfer says he’s going to work on saving his marriage. You know, the old “I want … Continue reading


Great expectation

President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday in Oslo, Norway, with great humility and a persuasive explanation as to how he could get a peace prize while figting two wars. A contradiction in terms. Like the late, great … Continue reading

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Faux celebs

Barbara Walters is presenting her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 on the TV tonight. If anybody knows fascinating, it’s Baba WaWa. But what of those 10 least fascinating people of 2009? Those who tried their very worst to become … Continue reading


Good grief

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore outrageous statements by Republicants blaming President Obama for everything, along comes this idiotic rant from a mayor of a town on the outskirts of Memphis: President Obama is a Muslim because last … Continue reading

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Monday mornin’ quarterbacking

The demise of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season after week 13 in the NFL is being greatly exaggerated. The Super Bowl champs are 6 and 6 with four games to go. If they win out and end the regular season at … Continue reading


Language barriers

Once again another list has been released concerning words. This time it’s the top ten words most used, or overused depending on how you look at it, of 2009. You’ve got your “emaciated” — as in how Michael Jackson looked … Continue reading


King Snear

“Meantime we shall express our darker purpose.” —– Shakespeare’s King Lear. Since Dick Cheney can’t keep his fat trap shut, he should leave the country. The former vice president relentlessly slams President Obama for being weak and unable to keep … Continue reading

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Pardons, anyone?

Republicans are so soft on crime. The Law and Order Party got busted when news broke that when former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was governor of Arkansas he commuted the sentences or pardoned at least 1,033 criminals. Turns out that … Continue reading