Year of the drat

A belated post-mortem to 2009 (sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”):

Obama’s beer summit and the State Dinner crashers.

Cash for clunkers and tea party health care bashers.

Fox Noose fascists who gave us Glenn Beck.

No wonder 2009 was such a train wreck.

Octomom, Jon and Kate and the boy not in the balloon.

Sarah Palin proving the press loves a loon.

No one has money but banks stack the deck.

No wonder 2009 was such a train wreck.

When Dick Cheney stokes fear.

When Tiger Woods is exposed.

When we send more troops to Afghanistan.

We say hasta la bye-bye to 2009

wondering if Lady Gaga is really a man.

(second verse)

Unemplyment at 10 percent and cases of swine flu.

Terror attempt on an airliner and house payments overdue.

Twitter and tweets and Facebook nonsense texts.

No wonder 2009 was such a train wreck.

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize while the jury’s still out.

The King of Pop dies suddenly, making room for doubt.

Birthers and “death panels ” —– WTF! —- uh, what the heck!

No wonder 2009 was such a train wreck.

The “wise Latina” comment.

The Fort Hood rampage.

Bernie Madoff jailed for his Ponzi scheme.

We say sayanora to 2009

and the 2-party system running out of steam.

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