For Hume the cathedral bell tolls

OK, it’s early, but this lump is going to be difficult to beat this week:

The winner is Brit Hume, a contributing Fox Noose anal-ist, as the first Lump of the Week of the new year. Congratulations.

On Sunday on a Fox news panel show, the Britster was talking about Tiger Woods and what’s next for the embattled golf great.

Brit started out OK, saying the standard who-could-possibly-disaggree-with-this drool like: Tiger has to work hard to get his family life back in order, to become a good husband and father.

And avoiding cocktail waitresses, no doubt.

But then Brit went too far. He said that Tiger, who apparently is a Buddhist, should consider converting to Christianity because “it is a more forgiving religion.”

Hume, in essence, suggested Tiger Woods address his current woes by converting to Christianity (and suggesting in the process that Buddhism was inadequate to the task.)

Be honest, you never heard Tiger thank Buddha after a tournament, did you?

Hume said “I think that Jesus Christ offers Tiger Woods something that Tiger Woods badly needs.”

Another Masters win?

No, redemption and forgiveness, Hume said.

Of course Hume isn’t looking for either one of those qualities after being called out by people who were insulted by his comments.

Hume’s not in that dire of straits —- he works for Fox Noose, where you can say anything that insults a people who aren’t white — and especially who are not of the Christian faith.

In fact, Fox encourages it. They’ve already put Muslim-Americans on the endangered species list. Maybe Americans of the Buddhist faith are next.

It will be interesting when Fox gets around to the Jews. That’s going to take a little more time and effort. You gotta be careful —– you know, they control most of the news media.

But not Fox.

Then there’s the question of just what type of Christian is acceptable to Fox. Certainly not Catholics — they can’t even be president (JFK was a fluke because he stole the 1960 election.) And none of our founding fathers were Catholic.

Hey, didn’t Catholics sneak into America about the same time as the Jews?

For Hume, an apparent veteran newsman, to impose any religious faith on anyone else on an apparent news show, is delusional.

More than that —– it’s downright Murdochian.

Freedom of religion. Our founding fathers included that right up there in the U.S. Constitution.

But then none of them had to answer to no pope. Or light a menora or try to pronounce hanukkah.

Of course, many of them owned slaves….

Jesus, don’t get Brit started on that one.

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