All right, Mr. Murdoch, she’s ready for her close-up

Just when you thought Fox Noose couldn’t hire anybody crazier than Glenn Beck.

Sarah Palin is going to be onboard Fox Noose as a regular commentator.

Wow, no one saw that coming.

Palin said “I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News.”

She left out the part about it being “God’s plan.”

They ought to sandwich her between Baba O’Reilly and Glenn “Goebbels” Beck. Her show that is. They could call it “Triple Threat” (“The Three Stooges” has already been taken.)

The first promo Fox had on its Web site about Palin’s new gigwas “There’s a new face on Fox.”

Nothing there about being a new voice —– because it’s only one voice there and they speak only one language: Murdochian.

Here’s an idea for another promo: Palin saying, “Instead of fancy pageant walkin’, I’ll be right-wingin’ commentatin’ talkin’.”

The loser at Fox in this case is O’Reilly, although with that ego he could never fess up to or realize it.

Beck is already becoming more popular with the looney-tune right-wing-nut fringe mongoloids.

And now Palin.


This latest Fox coup de tente signals still another sign that the Mayan’s may be right about 2012.

Fox seems intent on speeding up that doomsday prediction.

Add Sean Hannity to that threesome mix of O’Reilly, Beck and Palin and we’re talking “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

It’s an obvious choice for perfect-fit Palin, but maybe she should’ve held out a little longer —- she might have landed the 10 p.m. time slot NBC took away from Leno.

Besides commentating on everything that doesn’t live up to her standards, Palin will host something called “Real American Stories,” as opposed to the not real American stories we been hearing so far.

This fits Palin like an AK-47. She lives in and is supported by real Americans in her Real America, which doesn’t include Catholics, Jews, black people, Muslims, gays, anyone who doesn’t own a gun, and vegetarians.

Palin has all the credentials necessary to be on Fox Noose: she used to be a really small market TV sportscaster, she never read a book, and she never gets her facts straight. Because, like Fox, she doesn’t check facts. Which would involve reading.

The mavericky, hockey mom, lipstick on a pitt bull who launched a thousand blogs has a permanent gig.

Helen of Destroy anything that’s progressive.

Fox has got it all set up for her. She’s the network’s own robot Maria from the silent movie “Metropolis.”

She’ll stay on the job for two years and then quit (her M.O.)

Buy that time she’ll be ready for her next gig: the first woman elected president — and on the Fox News Conservative Party.

Anybody speak Mayan?

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