Watergate wannabe weasels

OK, so you’re young and ambitious and want to make a name for yourself in the news world.

So what do you do, try to top a story as big as the Watergate cover-up?

No, you emulate the Watergate cover-up.

From the weasels who brought you the exposure of ACORN comes Who Dat-gate.

Or, when conservative golden boys go bad.

The weasels are accused of entering government property under false pretenses in an attempt to commit a felony when they (allegedly) tried to bug the phones in the New Orleans office of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

The top weasel, one James O’Keefe —- who posed as a pimp and caught the ACORN liberal community-organizing group with its pants down —- became a cause celeb on Fox Noose and was even cited by Congressional Republicants for his heroic deeds.

Must have been a lot of pressure for Kid Weasel to top his moment of glory with the right wing-nuts.

Why O’Keefe, who is a dead ringer for Lee Harvey Oswald, and three others accused of tampering with the phones in Landrieu’s office, devised the plan is still not known.

Get ready, America, because there’s plently more in the swine troth from where these guys were spawned.

It’s just another case of how the right wing is so arrogant that they actually believe they’re above suspicion, and, in the process, is soiling the already warped minds of these G. Gordon Liddy youth types like Kid Weasel O’Keefe.

Breaking the law doesn’t affect the right wing-nuts, because they’re creating their own rules. They have succeeded at getting America so angry at itself, they can pull anything off —- even if it’s criminal activity —- as long as they can give a good spin on it.

A radical right winger murders a doctor who performed abortions and, by proxy, Fox Noose —- primarily Baba O’Reilly —- coerced the nutcase to pull the trigger by higlighting, on numerous occasions, the doctor in segments in which he was referred to as “Killer Tiller.”

O’Reilly, the coward that he is, denied having any affect on the murderer’s decision —– even though he self-promotes himself at every turn by boasting to his viewers how he beats every other cable news show because he’s so influential.

It will be interesting to see how Fox and Jabba the Butt Limbaugh spin this latest bruise to the right wing-nut ego.

As it stands right now for these Watergate wannabe weasels, let’s just say karma has reared its ugly head.

Meanwhile, the folks at ACORN are having a good laugh. Ha-ha.

Retribution is a beautiful thing.

The break-in had all the qualities of a botched spy vs. spy melodrama.

Which is the perfect segue to an introduction of an episode of “Mission: Incompetence”:

“Good evening, Mr. O’Keefe. This is a photo of Sen. Mary Landrieu, the Democrat from Louisiana. The defacto leader has reason to believe that her secret recipe for jambalaya includes an ingredient that, even when eaten in small portions, reacts to the part of the brain that triggers compassion and the urge to contribute money to humanitarian causes — and, perhaps most damaging of all, makes the person want to join the ACLU.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the senator’s office not as a pimp this time because Landrieu is white, but rather as a young man looking like he wants to work as a staffer. Two of your Incompetence Mission Force double secret probation agents will pose as telephone repairman who will have falsified papers saying there are problems with the phone lines and repair to the devices inside also need repairing. You will be responsible for capturing everything on your video cell phone. Remember to use the one with the ring tone that’s the Woody Guthrie song “This Land is Your Land” so you’ll fit right in.

As always, if you are arrested, the defacto leader will spin the incident in your favor and get his millions of lemmings to believe that it was patriotic and they will rally to your defense.

Good luck, Mr. O’Keefe. This message was never recorded or received.”

Now, although there is no specific news yet as to why these bozos broke into Landrieu’s New Orleans office, or who else knew about it and when did they know, here are some of the explanations these weasels may have offered up:

1. Thought Landrieu had Saints game plan on how to beat Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl.

2. All of them got an “A” in political espionage from the Maxwell Smart School of Secret Agent Men.

3. Weren’t concerned about possibly going to jail —– figured when they got out they’d get a lot of face time on Fox Noose.

4. This month is the anniversary of Dick Nixon’s birth and they thought it would be a fitting tribute.

5. Got Mary Landrieu’s name confused with Martin Landau.

6. Hey, it was only a prank and Landrieu was supposed to be caught off guard on an episode of “Punk’d.”

7. Heard somewhere that babes find telephone repairmen hunkier than firemen.

8. They’re innocent, told they were being filmed for a segment of the new MTV show “Pimp My Phone.”

9. Deep, patriotic concern on their part that Landrieu was moonlighting as a phone sex operator calling herself “The Big Easy.”

10. “It’s a scam, we were set up by ACORN.”

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3 Responses to Watergate wannabe weasels

  1. Bucky says:

    Yeah, but I want some real news about how Dems are ruining America with Socialist Health Care, and a poll on what Rep. Joe Wilson will yell at Obama tonight, and what an awful man former Sen, John Edwards is. And oh, yeah, Tiger Woods, we wanna know more …

  2. Buck-meister says:

    … And dont’ forget Gay Marriage.

    Anything, anything, but exposing Republican Felonies … ah, Republican Big Fat Mistakes … ah, I mean, Republican Ooopsies and Boo-boo’s. There, Fox can use that.

    “Today, the son of U.S. Attorney William Flanagan was charged with an Ooopsie for breaking into Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office.

    … More Boo-boo’s at 11.”

  3. paul C in PA says:

    In Limbuagh’s case, wouldn’t it be “Mission Impotent”? I’m just sayin’.

    Where are those voices coming from ???? Oops, bad cable TV and AM radio.

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