Front row at the State of the Union

There was no “You Lie!” childish outburst from the loyal opposition during President Obama’s first State of the Union Address on Wednesday.
However, there was a Supreme Court justice who just couldn’t hold back some form of emotion, even one as subtle as mouthing it under his breath.
Courtesy of Justice “Yosemite” Sam Alito.
When Obama chided the justices for passing the corporations can contribute as much as they want to political campaigns and so be it if foreign influence would get it’s greasy little hands on it, Alito was caught on camera mouthing the words “not true.”
It was a jab by the president that Republicants said was hitting below the belt because he said it on national TV in front of God and everybody.
Tough Miranda rights.
The prez was right to call the five Bushies out on this one —- and he picked the right venue.
Hello, American Revolution!
We exist as Americans because our forefathers fought and died so we could be free from foreign influence.
Alito was wrong on two fronts when he moved his lips as if he was a lousy ventriloquist:
1. Justices are supposed to be quiet and impartial (you’ve heard of blind justice, how about mute justices) whatever any president says during his State of the Union address.
2. Who is to stop foreign corporations from giving money to a presidential candidate like, God forbid it should ever come to it, Glenn Beck? And who says foreign corporations haven’t already influenced presidential elections with gobs of moola to get that candidate’s message across through those hypnotizin’ TV ads?
Hell, China has our money.

Things overheard in the House chamber during Obama’s State of the Union Address:
1. “I heard Ruth Bader Ginsburg is nekkid under her robes.”
2. “I’m missing “America’s Next Top Model” for this crap?”
3. “I don’t believe it. Palin just tweeted me —– she wants to know if Diana Ross was once on the Supreme Court.”
4. “I didn’t recognize Sen. John Ensign without the woman he says is the best on his staff.”
5. “Are you sure Harry Reid is still breathing?”
6. “Orders from Rush —— we’re all supposed to sit on our hands and hold our breath until we turn blue in the face.”
7. “I thought I saw Dan Quayle outside parking cars.”
8. “He’s been in office a year already? It seems like only yesterday when we started to discredit him.”
9. “Who do you think would win in a mud wrestling contest, Hillary or Sonia Sotomayor?”
10. “Are we sure we want to have control of this mess?”

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3 Responses to Front row at the State of the Union

  1. Youre an Idiot… I bet you also believe in the something for nothing plan that Obama is trying to forceThe re-distribution of wealth plan. Your just an ignorant pissed off little semi colon on the web. I am only writing this because you seem to think there are actually educated people that believe the dribble you post here. Heres a reality check, Obama is a socialist. Why else would he go suck the dick of every foreign leader on the planet apologizing because America has always been there to bail them out of the trouble they get into … themselves? His two agendas are as follows (you can see that in the policies he is attempting to force down the American peoples throat!)

    1. Get the American people dependant on big government.
    2. Place America in line with the One World Government.

    Socialism does not work ask the people of Denmark when the last time they had the money to do ANYTHING even Opera herself who was in favor of socialism has had second thoughts after doing a show over there on how wonderful it (is)nt.

    I know your response well sir you must be a racist. I tell you NO emphatically NO I am a free thinker..I am a patriot..I am an AMERICAN CAPITALIST to the CORE!!

    However the sad truth is that I would die to defend your right to continue to be an idiot. Because, to quote a famous American: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. – Thomas Jefferson

    And all Americans have the freedom to think how they want. As long as it does not harm others, though I will say you are doing more harm than good with your slander and lies. It is funny however that you mention the Great justice Alto as getting emotional when the highest court in the nation is being chastised in front of the country. Yet neither you nor any other liberal idiot has mentioned Joe Bidens inappropriate mouthing of the words Ya Right when Obama was talking about the parties needing to work together for the betterment of the American people. (Beginning of the speech, right before Obama starts talking about the banks)

    If you get paid you should be fired!

  2. paul C in PA says:

    Oh no, the voices are developing their own identities…fight it MJP. We can’t sfford more than one train of that crazy thought.

  3. bucky says:

    “Who do you think would win in a mud wrestling contest, Hillary or Sonia Sotomayor?”

    Hillary would be meaner. Sotomayor would be wiser.

    Wise tops mean.

    My money is on Sotomayor.

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