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Six degrees of Conan O’Brien

There was once, for a very short run, a parlor game called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” The goal was to name any actor or actress and, within six tries, connect a movie they made to another actor and then … Continue reading

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That’s infotainment

Russian revolutionary communist and philosopher Karl Marx said “Religion is opium for the masses.” If he said that today, it would be rephrased “Television is opium for the masses.” Americans watch television religiously. Some people don’t even go to churchon … Continue reading

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‘Reid’ it and weep

If the Democrats went hunting with Dick Cheney, they wouldn’t have to worry about him shooting them in the face. They’d be quicker on the draw by shooting themselves in the foot. The latest Dumbocratic spaz move concerns the comments … Continue reading


All right, Mr. Murdoch, she’s ready for her close-up

Just when you thought Fox Noose couldn’t hire anybody crazier than Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin is going to be onboard Fox Noose as a regular commentator. Wow, no one saw that coming. Palin said “I am thrilled to be joining … Continue reading

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Elvis lives

A-huh-huh. Believe it or not, but Elvis would’ve turned 75 years old today. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is of course still alive and working at a Dennys somewhere in Bug Tussle, Alabama. Since his death in 1977, there … Continue reading


The blame game

It should come as no surprise that the failed terrorist airliner bomb plot on Christmas Day in Detroit has become a political football. Equally not surprising, the Republican Party is guilty of unsportsman-like conduct by once again trying to capitalize … Continue reading


Brief encounter

The underwear bomber has been fodder for TV comics —– the incident is an acceptable target for jabs, since no one was killed or injured. Once again David Letterman is at the forefront of the best material on this punchline … Continue reading


For Hume the cathedral bell tolls

OK, it’s early, but this lump is going to be difficult to beat this week: The winner is Brit Hume, a contributing Fox Noose anal-ist, as the first Lump of the Week of the new year. Congratulations. On Sunday on … Continue reading

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Year of the drat

A belated post-mortem to 2009 (sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”): Obama’s beer summit and the State Dinner crashers. Cash for clunkers and tea party health care bashers. Fox Noose fascists who gave us Glenn Beck. No wonder … Continue reading

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A heated Rush

There’s a line from Neil Simon’s “The Goodbye Girl” when one charcter says to the other (summing up their oil and water relationship while forced to share an apartment) that the circumstance is “one of God’s little jests.” Besides free … Continue reading

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