That’s life

Justice is served.

The man who killed Dr. George Tiller, who performed abortions, was found guilty of premeditated murder in the first degree.

Scott Roeder, the right wing lunatic fringe’s poster boy, thought his act of taking the life of Tiller would result in saving lives of the unborn —- and probably just as important to Broeder, his coronation as a hero.

Thankfully, in this country there are still juries of Roeder’s peers who don’t think like this murderous sleaze ball.

His Old Testament, right wing-nut philosophy failed — miserably.

It would be nice to think that the first words that were on his lips when he heard the verdictwere “Bill O’Reilly.”

Fox News and Bill O’Reilly didn’t put the gun in Scott Roeder’s hands. Fox News and Bill O’Reilly didn’t make Scott Roeder pull the trigger. But Fox News and Bill O’Reilly just as much put murder on the mind of Scott Roeder.

There will be no attempt by the slimey right wing lunatic fringe to make Scott Roeder a martyr.

Like Pilate, they’ve already washed their hands of this incident.

Ask the coward Bill O’Reilly and not only did he never hear of Scott Roeder, he’ll tell you he never mentioned Dr. George Tiller on his show.

So fellow computer geekatoids, Google this: “How many times did Bill O’Reilly call out Dr. George Tiller on his show?” You’ll find O’Reilly referred to him 29 times as “Tiller the Killer” andcompared him to Hitler and the Nazis.

Selective amnesia is contagious and the STD of TV demagogues.

So the warped mind of Scott Roeder went to work, probably singing “Billy, make me a hero…”

Scott Roederis the reincarnation of Jack Ruby, the nutball who murdered the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy. Ruby thought he’d be a hero, too. He believed America would rally behind him for saving JFK’s widow from having to go to the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ruby forgot one thing —– even scum like Oswald, easily the most hated man in America at that time, didn’t deserve to have his own life snuffed out by another simple mind who deemed himself judge and jury. Or God almighty.

In the end, Ruby was the same side of the coin as Oswald. It didn’t make Ruby a better person, only Oswald’s equal.

Roeder, like Ruby before him, is nothing but an assassin.

Roeder became unhinged over the fact that abortion is legal —- and it drove him to the brink courtesy of the impetus from the coward Bill O’Reilly and it set the rampage in motion. Roeder thought that he’d make the world a better place by killing Dr. George Tiller. Probably still believes it.

Abortion is such a heated issue that people will kill people who they believe are killing future people.

No one likes abortion. Just the sound of the word is equivalent to the noise fingers make when they screech slowly down a chalkboard.

People who are pro-choice, for the most part, don’t want abortions on demand.

It’s the choice in the matter that’s at issue here.

And it’s a woman’s right to choose.

Unless women want men in on their decision, one way or the other, we have no say in the matter.

Men aren’t in the unenviable position to make a choice that could haunt them for the rest of their lives.

But yet it’s men who have the authority to believe they can make that decision for women.

These are the same men who repeated like the parrots that they are Ronald Reagan’s credo “Keep government off our backs.”

Well, how about keeping government out of more private areas of the human body.

People who are pro-life will tell you they want to protect the unborn who would never have a chance to live.

No one can argue that.

On the other hand, what if Dr. George Tiller’s mother had the option? Bravo, some would say, no abortions.

Or Scott Broeder’s mother — who gave birth to a man who murdered to prevent more of what he believes are murders.

The Republican Party has as its base pro-choice advocates.

The latest addition to the GOP is a result of what they’re calling the “Massachusetts Miracle.”

Guess what, sports fans, Sen. Scott “I’m not wearing any pants” Brown supports abortion rights.

Still, the GOP glosses over that little indiscretion because he’s the 41st vote they need in the Senate.

Scott Brown is free to do and say what he wants about where he stands on the abortion issue.

Thankfully, Scott Roeder did not go “Scott free.”

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  1. Bucky says:

    This column is going to give “Scott” a bad name.

    –The Buckster

  2. Neodym cube says:

    I do not even understand how I finished up right here, but I assumed this submit was once great. I don’t realize who you might be however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger in case you are not already. Cheers!

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