Make Rahm for Palin

The Fox News Political Party (formerly known as the Republican Party) has got all its bases covered.

Gov. Quitter gone Twitter Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker among the tea-bagging Tea Party Americans gone wild.

Sean Hannity will be the featured speaker when CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) let’s loose the Kracken.

Glenn Beck will bring Republicans to tears when he speaks in tongues before the party that takes its lead from the network where the Minister of Propaganda is employed.

That sounds fair and balanced —- in Murdochian terms. More than fair to the former Republican Party, and balanced in the sense that the Noose network is offering up three people of the same delusional stripe.

Meanwhile, Sen. Scott “Massachusetts Miracle Male Model” Brown, the first Fox News Political Party candidate to win a senate seat, was sworn in on Thursday.

Let’s see how long it takes for him to backtrack on his supportforabortion rights once he meets with the party’s defacto leader Limbaugh.

Meanwhile, the Baked Alaskan wants White House Chief of Staff Rahm “F-Bomb” Emanuel fired for using the word retard — as in calling Democrats “F-ing retards” last Augustduring a meeting.

Palin, who has a child with Down syndrome, refused to accept Emanuel’s apology.

Not only doesn’t Pius Palin not read, she doesn’t read her Bible. And if she’s going to act like she’s holier than thou, at least try not to be a hypocrite.

Maybe she should think about this one:

Luke 6:37: “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

Apparently that chapter and verse doesn’t apply to Democrats. And Emanuel —- who’s a Jew. And the Jews killed our Lord! Well, actually the Romans did —- and those are my ancestors. But certainly the statute of limitations have worn off. Remember the one about the sins of our fathers!

But back to Sarah (great Biblical name, by the way) and Rahm (sounds Iranian, no?)

When President Obama first announced that Emanuel was going to be his chief of staff, this blog said it was a bad choice. And that hasn’t changed.

Emanuel is a vindictive little weasel —- probably from taking all that ridicule when he was a kid because he took ballet lessons.

Should he resign? No —– only because Palin demands it.

People have got to stop apologizing to this nit-wit. She keeps using her kids, in one way or another, to get sympathy for herself. She can’t stop playing the role of victim and trying to punish everybody who in any round about way insults her.

Besides, if you believe her almost-son-in-law Levi Johnston (OK, that’s a stretch), Palin herself referred to her Down syndrome child as “my little retard.”

And Johnston brought this —- as he saw or heard it —- to light long before the Rahm bomb. So one has to figure, why would Johnston lie? He’s not even smart enough to get away withlying.

Further, the fact that her party’s defacto leader, Rush “White Men Can’t Busta Move” Limbaugh, started belching about Emanuel’s tirade of his own party being “f-ing retards” when it comes to trying to pass health care wasn’t over-reacting enough for the Butt.

Limbaugh had to keep bellowing that “there’s going to be a retard summit” at the White House.

Palin wouldn’t dare call Jabba the Butt out on this one.

She may think she’s got a lot of power in the newly named Fox News Political Party.

And since getting this country back in its own greasy little hands is of the Murdochian faith, even Palin is actually smart enough to realize she has to answer to a higher (on oxycontin) power.

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