Who Dat in the hizzy

President Obama invited both Democrats and Republicans to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday at the White House.

On Monday, the Republicans who attended will probably be complaining that the food was for vegans.

Be that as it may, it was a nice gesture —- and time for politicians to set aside their differences and act like men do when they’re together in insulting TV ads, like little boys who have mommy wives and who never ask for directions when they’re driving and are even outsmarted by their wives when it comes to sports.

Sidebar: With all the Super Bowl ads that are getting attention —- and are usually watched, unless we men don’t give up the remote —- check to see how many are degrading to men, during a sporting event that is watched with greater interest by us.

In any event, here’s what could be said and done when the Dems and Republicans party at the White House on Super Sunday:

1. “Don’t look now, but Scott Brown is asking the first lady if she’s interested in the details of his stimulus package.”

2. “Mr. President, we Republicans chipped in and bought you a gift for inviting us to your Super Bowl party —a brand new Toyota Prius!”

3. “No, Congressman Frank, I said it was a bi-partisan Super Bowl party.”

4. “I was going to invite Palin, but she just would’ve quit watching after two quarters and go out and make money.”

5. “That’s nothing new, I heard that’s the way President Clinton always used to write his name in the snow.”

6. “That’s not a snowman, it’s John McCain waiting for us to let him in.”

7. “I didn’t know socialists liked our football.”

8. “I found his Kenyan birth certificate in the arugala dip!”

9. “Sorry we’re late, Charlie Sheen was supposed to drive us.”

10. “How can he be for the Saints when he’s the Antichrist?”

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One Response to Who Dat in the hizzy

  1. john says:

    Bruno, your left wing takes are so stale. No wonder nobody comments. Top ten lists? That was old for Dave years ago. What a hack.

    What you and your rapidly dwindling left wing base don’t get is that most Americans don’t like leftist politics. More than twice as many Americans self-identify as “conservative” than “liberal.” Obama campaigned as a centrist, and the mainstream media (rapidly becoming non-mainstream)-NYT, LAT, ,major news magazines, network news, etc- simply- their Obama love- did not pursue Obama’s past statements and associations. Wright, Ayers and Rezko is just the tip of the iceberg with the corrupt Obama. Obama, the guy with a 5 minute career; the guy who stammers and says far more ridiculous things that Bush ever did when not on teleprompter (recent “corpse-man”); the guy who said numerous times that health care debate would be “on C-SPAN” then cut backroom deals- with our money- with only dems in the room; charging KSM in criminal court, instead of trying him in military court, as is appropriate; etc, etc.

    Bruno, leftwingers better take note: the Tea Party movement; Dems lose “the Kennedy seat” to a Republican; Palin’s growing popularity; Levin’s book on the founders sells over a million copies; Rush, Hannity and Beck have higher ratings than ever (while the pathetic Air America finally is put out of its unheard misery) and more are all signs of the growing and coming wave that will smash left wing thought. Go ahead, denigrate. Maybe come up with a new top 10, Bruno. That shouldn’t be too hard for your Obama-addled brain.

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