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Fox News’ Sean Hannity must’ve been going ape doo-doo when the White House hosted a concert honoring protest songs from the civil-rights era.

One could almost see him scanning the taped event like some kid looking for Waldo as he tried to spot 1960s homegrown terrorist William Ayers in the White House audience.

“I know he’s in there somewhere. Maybe he’s disguised as Joan Baez,” Hannity would be chortling.

The importance of music during the civil-rights movement remains a significant contribution to how America was changed for the better.

But there are powerful forces out there that are trying to reverse that spiritual awakening by returning to the nightmare that was pre-Rosa Parks.

Fox News’ tea-bagging Tea Party may as well be waving the Confederate flag.

If you don’t think the return of racism isn’t catching on slowly but surely, just look at what singer John Mayer said in a Playboy magazine interview about black women and that he refers to his manhood as the “white supremicist.”

Innocuous stuff coming from some lump, you say. There’s gonna be plently more where that came from.

The tea-bagging Tea Party’s whites-only-let’s-take-back-our-country group is sinister enough to influence many a simple mind. It’s getting to the point where they don’t even have to be subtle about it anymore.

It’s a wonder that a confused Bob Dylan, performing at that White House event, didn’t mistake being at a tea-bagging Tea Party and changed the title to his most famous protest song to “The Times-They-Aren’t-a-Changey.”

Meanwhile, Fox Noose Minister of Propaganda Glenn “Goebbels” Beck says he has a 100-year plan for the United States.

So far it involves spaceships, swastikas, Kool-Aid, e-mails from Jesus, many white people with pitchforks and torches, and a lot of flatulence.

“Get Beck” (sung to the tune of The Beatles’ “Get Back”)

“Glenn Beck is a demagogue who thinks he speaks for America

but he’s just a major putz.

He speaks to his followers from his sphincter muscle

They’ll swallow any crap from Fox Noose butts.

“Get Beck,

Get Beck,

Get Beck —- crazier than Moses on PCP.

Get Beck,

Get Beck,

Glenn Beck is white family friendly TV.

“Get Beck, White America.”

(second verse)

“Dizzy Sarah Palin wants to start a revolution

if it’s all about her.

She’ll speak to real Americans for $100,000

and kill endangered species for fur.

“Get Beck,

Get Beck,

Get Beck to lead the Tea Party.

Get Beck,

Get Beck,

Get Beck and Palin for pure folly.

“Get Beck, White America —-

admire the tangled web we weeve.

Wear your anger on your sleeve —-

there’s many out there like you who believe —–

Get Beck, White America…”

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4 Responses to Get Beck

  1. paul C in PA says:

    I can’t wait to hear MJP tell us about Beck’s ratings…you know it’s coming. Ban the Beach Boys !!!! Right MJP ?

  2. john says:

    There you go again, Bruno. You are such a brain dead hack. The Tea Party movement is a grass roots movement of people who are sick and tired of government overreach, horrible spending policies, and the clear goals of “progressives” like Obama, which are an ever-expanding government role in our lives. So the movement is mostly white; so what. In case you haven’t noticed, Bruno, America does have a lot of white people. There are many people of color who are conservative, but if they come out they get bashed by idiots like you as “Uncle Tom,” “coconuts” or sellouts.

    You are like Olbermann in your insane hatred and denigration of the conservative movement, and especially successful conservatives like Beck and Palin. Unlike you, a “Copy Editor” (wow, that sure entitles you to bash accomplished people like Beck, Palin and Bush, who are you know, successful), these conservatives are making a difference in the world, a world currently imperiled by the likes of Obama and his supposed bright staff. Even liberal commentators have used phrases like “amatuer hour” to describe these boobs in charge now. Have you not noticed how almost everything Obama and co. have touched has turned to crap? (Insert your lame, “It’s all Bush’s fault” rejoinder here) Have you not noticed how the only people who support him strongly now are hard core self-identified liberals and African Americans? I guess in your elite liberal mind, we’re all stupid, unlike genius’ like Biden, Pelosi, you and all of your other liberal icons.

    All you liberals can do is set up straw men, knock them down, and then claim your course is correct, as the public rejects almost every liberal program time after time. That is fact.

    Here are some more facts:

    Did you know that Bush (whom I assume you believe is dumb, based on the crap you spew like this asinine rant about Beck):

    Higher SAT scores than Rhodes Scholar Bill Bradley

    Performed much better in college than the supposedly smart Al Gore, who flunked out of both Divinity and Journalism school.

    Better or equal grades to that of John Kerry.

    Harvard MBA (they probably just gave him the degree, right Bruno?)

    Flew military jets (that must be so simple even Bush could do it).

    Elected Governor and President twice.

    But Bush is dumb. Meanwhile….

    Obama has not released his school or health records- what is he hiding?

    He blunders far worse than W without his blessed teleprompter, and even then screws up (“Corps-Man” several time in one speech before his actual corpsmen! Our Commander in Chief! (But Sarah Palin is stupid, right Bruno?)

    He famously mentioned that he had been in 57 states, or that a kid with asthma needed a “breathalyzer,” etc.

    Articulate, yes. But smart? With the absolutely stupid, proven false socialist (sorry, “progressive”) theories he’s pushing? The guy is an academic leftist, and not a particularly bright one at that. But I’m sure he causes a thrill up your leg, Bruno, like you fellow traveler Chris Matthews.

    Your elitist, Olbermann wannabe opinions are so lame. News flash, “Copy Editor,” your side is losing- badly- in the battle of ideas. But for you it is simple: just call Beck, Palin, et al. and those who like and agree with them, stupid and be done with it. Best you leave the heavy mental liftting to others, Bruno. Back to your copy…

  3. john says:

    Hey Bruno, how about this for a change: I challenge you, since Beck is such a nut and is so dangerous and promoting racism and so on, to watch his show for one week, and post here, in a calm, factual manner, all of the evidence which supports that Beck is:

    1. Making racist or racially insensitive remarks.
    2. Telling demonstrable lies; counter facts only, no opinions to rebut on your part.
    3. Making demonstrably “crazy” comments (that are not obvious parody or shtick, which is part of Beck’s show. Remember, Alinsky said ridicule is the best form of political argument)

    How about it, Bruno, do you have the guts to back up your comments and beliefs about Beck? Or do you, a copy editor, just get to make smart aleck remarks with no foundation? Time to man-up or shut up, Bruno.

  4. paul C in PA says:

    Oh no….more personalities…fight it MJP !!!!

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