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Grrrls gone wild

Cut the Canadian Women’s Hockey team some slack. They won the gold medal at the Olympics and so they partied on the ice, where they drank beer and smoked Cuban cigars. OK, so a gal who drinks beer and smokes … Continue reading

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Summit like it not

The health care summit, where players and player-haters positioned themselves for re-election and an eye on the presidential race in 2012, took up six hours of air-time on Thursday. The summit was doomed from the start because Republicans said the … Continue reading

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Defying Oscar odds

It’s beginning to look like the best picture Oscar race might not be “Up in the Air.” Director Kathryn Bigelow’s intense Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker” has got the momentum. After starting off with nada at the Golden Globes, … Continue reading


Brown out

The Fox News Party (formerly known as Republicans) tried to stop a jobs bill with a filibuster. A jobs bill. More proof that this is the party controlled by a so-called news network that wants America to fail. And the … Continue reading

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Conservatives gone wild

Things learned at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) —- or as Fox News referred to it, “Sermons on the Mount.” 1. God doesn’t like people who use teleprompters. If God wanted us to use teleprompters, he wouldn’t have given … Continue reading


Chief executive decisions

Another Presidents Day is in the books. Thousands of Americans probably took advantage and bought those sofas and easy chairs that George Washington advertised from the grave in those TV commercials. Over the years, we’ve all learned many different things … Continue reading


Party favorites

Yo, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to party. Sing along to the words you can put to the tune of “It’s My Party” —- the song made famous by Lesley Gore. Before you get your panties in a bunch, there … Continue reading

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Let Bayh-gones be Bayh-gones

Indiana Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh’s decision not to run for re-election sent shock waves across the nation. America was shocked …. shocked to learn that Indiana had a senator named Evan Bayh. Bayh’s reasons for joining the ranks of chicken … Continue reading

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No werewolf man

Go figure, “Valentine’s Day” was number one at the box office over Valentine’s Day weekend. In fact, number one with a bullet: a silver bullet to the heart of “The Wolfman.” Love conquers all with the movie taking in $52 … Continue reading

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Get Beck

Fox News’ Sean Hannity must’ve been going ape doo-doo when the White House hosted a concert honoring protest songs from the civil-rights era. One could almost see him scanning the taped event like some kid looking for Waldo as he … Continue reading