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Dat’s entertainment

Talk around the water cooler the day after the Super Bowl was not only the game but also those entertaining TV commercials. Everyone has their favorites: One that got a lot of votes was the ad with the little kid … Continue reading


The French Quarter Connection

Super Bowl 44 was certainly full of memorable moments: 1. The interception of Peyton Manning for a 74-yard touchdown return by the Saints’ Tracy Porter that pretty much sealed the victory for New Orleans. 2. The gutsy on-side kick and … Continue reading

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Malice in Wonderland

Fox Noose diva Sarah “crib notes” Palin was the darling of the tea-bagging Tea Party Convention over the weekend. Palin was herself. Which isn’t saying much. As usual, she was short on ideas and long on “I’m here, so cheer!” … Continue reading


Who Dat in the hizzy

President Obama invited both Democrats and Republicans to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday at the White House. On Monday, the Republicans who attended will probably be complaining that the food was for vegans. Be that as it may, it … Continue reading

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You’re in — and outed — of the Army now

The word homophobic is terribly misused. Blame the politically correct for turning the word —- which essentially means the fear of all mankind, homo, in this case, referring to homosapiens —- into a one term definition, the hatred of homosexuals, … Continue reading

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Make Rahm for Palin

The Fox News Political Party (formerly known as the Republican Party) has got all its bases covered. Gov. Quitter gone Twitter Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker among the tea-bagging Tea Party Americans gone wild. Sean Hannity will be … Continue reading

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Good for what ‘Ailes’ ya

It’s official: There isn’t a Republican lawmaker who is the leader of the party. Glenn “Goebbels” Beck, Jabba the Butt Limbaugh and “pollster” Frank “the Putz” Lutz are pulling the strings of their favorite GOP boy toys. Latest stooge in … Continue reading


Check lists

President Obama got out of jury duty. Yah, he has legitimate reasons. That still won’t stop the right wing-nuts from accusing him of being anti-American for not doing his civic duty. Although being president excuses one from serving on a … Continue reading

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Inglorious nominees

Can “The Hurt Locker” “Blind Side” “Avatar”? Are Sandra Bullock’s chances of winning best actress really “Up in the Air”? These questions and more will be answered when the Oscars are handed out next month. The Oscar nominations were announced … Continue reading


That’s life

Justice is served. The man who killed Dr. George Tiller, who performed abortions, was found guilty of premeditated murder in the first degree. Scott Roeder, the right wing lunatic fringe’s poster boy, thought his act of taking the life of … Continue reading