In sickness and health care

The Democrats are on the verge of passing President Obama’s signature health care reform.

Democrats passing major legislation?

Forget global warming —- check the temperature in hell to see if it froze over.

Republicans aren’t backing away from their cavalry of opposition, pilgrims.

No sir. In fact, they’ve now circled the wagons and put real America in mass emergency mode: or “Code Red.”

That was announced Tuesday by House Minority Leader John “Bad Tan” Boehner —- whose phony tanning salon makeovers alter his pigmentation to an orangey-red hue.

The GOP has flipped the switch on the Bat Signal, which went hovering over the Capitol.

For backup, they can enlist Rambo and Walker: Texas Ranger.

Ronald Reagan’s America is in danger of losing its image as the shining city on a hill.

The middle and working classes are just supposed to be sheep that don’t get riled as long as they are kept entertained. And frightened.

Worse, the health insurance industries are worried that they won’t be able to get away with thinning out the herd on the Death Planet.

Granny’s days are numbered!

The “Death Panel” judges are pulling out all the stops.

Over at Fox Noose, the “Hope America Fails” network is now also the “Hope America Ails” network.

Their minister of propaganda Glenn “Goebbels” Beck is in full-panic mode trying to stop this anti-American idea of trying to get millions of Americans coverage who don’t have health care.

Beck was one of the mongoloids who attacked the faces of health care that Obama championed while pushing his platform on the stump.

The woman who has leukemia and can’t get health care coverage may not be as ill as she claimed, the Fox-holes tried in desperation to reveal. Naturally in their fair and balanced way.

Then Jabba the Butt Limbaugh had to weigh in.

This boulder of balderdash went on an elephant rant attacking the 11-year-old boy who lost his mother to cancer and spoke for health care reform so other kids might not have to witness a similar heart-wrenching tragedy..

The Butt flatulated that the kid was “a spokesman for ObamaCare.”

Oh, ya, and another little factor in this latest attack by the right — did we mention that the kid’s mom was black.

You know, real America, it’s the blacks who mostly need the health care because they’re usually uninsured because the big insurance companies don’t want to go there.

And what goes with health…. oh ya, welfare.

Just to prove to themselves that they’re not racists, Fox Noose will lump poor white trash into that cesspool of a thing they call news commentary.

Hey, Jabba, tell it to the kid. Personally. Meet the kid face to face and tell him he’s a pawn in a game and that real America doesn’t give a crap.

Real America is selfish.

Tell that to the kid, too.



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