A fish called Obama

Just when you thought nobody in their right mind could make this stuff up, no one in their right mind doesn’t disappoint.

For all of you Obama conspiracy theory bumpkins who believe everything you hear, here’s another one that will reel you in hook, line and sinker:

President Obama wants to take away your right of recreational fishing.

You knew it all along, didn’t you Butt-plugs and Beckerwoods: There’s something fishy about this Obama guy.

These Fox News conspiracy theorists make Oliver Stone look like he’s a rank amateur.

One can just hear the evil socialist in our White House now:

“Afghanistan? Send more troops in harm’s way. Health care? Let Pelosi and Reid handle that mess. Iraq? Still Bush’s problem. Terrorism? They wouldn’t dare attack us now that Cheney’s on the ball. Recreational fishing? That’s where I draw the line! Too many people have too much fun with that sport. Guys, let’s get all of our ducks in a row and see if we can’t put the kibosh on that. Damn fishermen. Lazy SOBs. Take up a real sport where you can burn energy. Like basketball.”

Fox Noose’s Minister of Propaganda Glenn “Goebbels” Beck was nominated to take up the mantle, or fishing rod, to spurt out another Obama conspiracy for his adoring listeners.

Beck regurgitated something like “I told you a year ago, America, we’re losing our freedoms” under this president.

Ya, be careful, real America, because Obama’s next move will probably be something like waterboarding for rabid NASCAR fans.

And yes, no fabricated Obama conspiracy theory would be complete without Rush Limbaugh chortling in on it.

This whale —- Moby Dickhead — chortled something like Obama sits in his Oval Office and says “I can do what I want to do and you can’t stop me.”

People, really, aren’t we done with the dumb?

Obama wants to “tackle” doing away with recreational fishing.

People, are you even listening to this crap anymore?

This fish tale is way beyond the old “what will they think of next.”

What’s next? Obama wants to take away our right to wear hats? How about Obama wants to keep our kids from sleeping eight hours a night?

If these guys weren’t such clowns, one could almost take what they keep flatulating seriously.

Maybe the Fox-holes could’ve stretched out the conspiracy theory a tad more to include something like:

“You know why Obama doesn’t like fishermen —- because St. Peter was a fisherman. You know, shoes of the fisherman.”

President Jesus Hater doesn’t want our sons to go down to the fishing hole with Gramps and a picnic basket full of PB and J sandwiches made by hockey moms — he wants our sons to wear burqas.

Don’t stop believing, minnow-brains.

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