Here’s to your health care

Hell froze over.

On Sunday, House Democrats passed sweeping health care reform.

Well, sort of health care reform. It’s not really reform without the public option.

But having said that, the Democrats have for the moment at least relocated their spine.

It’s a big win for President Obama, who said days prior to the vote that essentially his presidency depended on passing what they’re referring to as sweeping legislation.

The president was his usual eloquent self commenting on the vote shortly after it passed, saying for the most part that as Americans “we are still capable of doing big things.”

Obama also called the vote “a victory for common sense.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who received most of the credit for the heavy lifting it took to work out a compromise, called the vote “an act of patriotism.”

OK, so that may be a little much.

But anything that drives Fox News, the “Hope America Fails” network, more batty than usual is always fun.

Get ready for Fox to refer to the bill passing as “Apocalypse Now.”

House Minority Leader John “Bad Tan” Boehner has already referred to it as Armageddon.

Boehner was all Howard Beale “I’m as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” on the House floor on Sunday getting all red in the face (he’s ticked because the health care bill doesn’t cover tanning salons) trying to be Mother Superior with his “shame on all of you” for voting to give the uninsured health care.

Bad Tan also admitted that his party “failed” to protect the American people from President Jesus Hater’s blasphemy.

Hmm. So you failed, Bad Tan. That must mean that you and your brood shouldn’t be re-elected come November.

Try a little less caffeine, Bad Tan.

Look at it this way, loser, the GOP, Fox Noose and defacto party leader Jabba the Butt Limbaugh can still do what all y’all do best: Keep America angry. Because angry people are most vulnerable to fear mongering and inspired lunacy. Google Germay circa 1933 for an example.

Speaking of losers, John McCain weighed in on the health care reform passage saying that they’ll be “a heavy price tag to pay” for Democrats in November.

Listen to JohnnyMac —- he’s got the track record to prove he knows of what he speaks. He’s the genius who will be best remembered for unleashing Sarah Palin on an unsuspecting and undeserving nation.

And history has shown that 45 years ago the Republicants were right about Medicare being a form of socialism that Stalin would’ve supported. Doh!

The Republicants won’t take no for an answer. They can only say no.

And they can’t control their emotions in the hallowed halls of Congress, either.

Democratic Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak, easily the most anti-abortion representative on the Dem side of the aisle, ended up voting for the bill after being promised the moon that no abortion funding would be included in the bill.

Not good enough, Bart. While he had the floor and gave an empassioned speech as to why he would be voting for the bill, one Republicant (with a Southern accent, of course) yelled “baby killer.”

That outburst, in the tradition of Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson, was carried over from the ugly American scene courtesy of the tea bagging Tea Party protest in front of the Nation’s Capitol.

Apparently tea baggers shouted racial slurs at African American lawmakers and one protester was arrested for spitting on Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

Google Selma, Alabama, circa 1965 for a lesson in how ugly American history is repeating itself.

Again, the tea bagging Tea Party reactionaries are showing their true color: lilly white supremicist.

Just wait until they start turning their wrath on Obama as he tries to get to work on immigration reform.

Obama won a big victory on Sunday and Big Daddy Limbaugh, who “wants this president to fail” is probably having an oxycontin fix because he’s about to burst a blood vessel.

The Democrats will lose seats in November in the House, but at least they’re going down swingin’ for the fences.

The health care reform bill passed isn’t the best, but at least it’s not a prescription for disaster —- which would have resulted had it not passed.

Obama again made history by getting an aspect of health reform passed that presidents as far back as Teddy Roosevelt — a Republican —- could only propose.

Everything that Obama continues to propose will be fought tooth and nail by opponents who don’t want to see this country give all of its citizens a fair shake.

How sick is that.

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