Running up the score

Let’s see, the score thus far….

Barack Obama, 15 months into his presidency, gets sweeping health care legislation passed.

George W. Bush, eight years as president, asleep at the switch on 9-11, got us into an unnecessary war in Iraq that he —- like everything else in his presidency —- lost interest in and left for Obama to clean up, and was out to lunch when the financial crisis started having Americans for breakfast.

Obama and the Democrats had a shindig when the prez signed the health care bill into law at the White House on Tuesday.

Or as Fox News referred to the gathering for the signing, “Dante’s Inferno.”

It was a momentous occasion —- or as Vice President Joe Biden was overheard whispering to Obama, a BFD (he actually said the words.)

That should get the holier than thou conservatrons to demand Biden apologize and enter something like Cuss Addiction Rehab.

On the Fox Noose Web site, the fair and balanced headline about The VP’s BFD reads: Biden F-Bomb on Par with Party Atmosphere.

The Joe B. gaffe will last at least two-days in the Fox Noose cycle because the Murdochotrons have to keep up the nasty work with negative commentary on Obama’s historic achievement.

Don’t worry, sports fans, the Culture Wars are still being fought on the front lines in our beloved Nation’s Capitol.

The problem with Republicans fighting the culture wars is that the culture is as diverse as it has ever been —- and diversity is kryptonite to conservatrons.

When that’s not successful at Fox (more often than not) they always return to the scene of their crime: Tuesday afternoon the Fox Noose Web site was talking about their news poll that says Americans fear an economy collapse.

There’s that word fear again. How’d they ask the question? We’re with Fox, don’t you think there’s going to be a collapse in the economy?

The “Hope America Fails” network.

That’s Fox Noose patriotism.

So the nay-sayers lost a big fight with health care passing —- although they’re trying to repeal the bill (not as potent as the tea bagging Tea Party reactionaries’ chant of “Kill the bill.” They love using the word kill as often as possible in their bordering on violence rhetoric.)

Almost as much of a pain in the keester to the right wing-nuts than Obama looking more like a strong president day by day, is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is coming out of this health care Democratic bonanza looking equally as strong. If not stronger.

Pelosi was such a task-masker getting health care to pass in the House, she’s being called “LBJ in a skirt.”

Wasn’t that Janet Reno? No, she just looked like Lyndon Baines Johnson who wore a skirt.

LBJ was notorious for getting Congress to pass legislation he wanted his John Hancock on.

On the bright side, it was LJB who got key civil rights legislation passed.

On the dumb side, he also got us bogged down in the Vietnam War.

Pelosi is now being touted as the most powerful woman in America.

Hello! Oprah.

She may be powerful in the Beltway, but Pelosi’s below the Mendoza Line approval rating is 11 percent.

That’s Dick Cheney territory.

Well, they both do have annoying facial twitches.

Entertainment-wise think of Pelosi as Norma Desmond from “Sunset Boulevard” and Cheney as the Burgess Meredith Penguin on the “Batman” TV series.

One almost expected Pelosi, in her victory speech, to say something like: “I’m still big. It’s the minority party that got small.”

For the moment, she’d be right. And ready for her close-up as an early candidate for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

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One Response to Running up the score

  1. robert Salent says:

    There you go again John, you have your head so far up the rear end of MSNBC you just cant see the forest from the trees. Your article is like a drunken driver whose is all over the road. you critize every conservative person or movement. Noting about how Obama bought votes to get his government run health care thru the House.
    Get back to me John when the Government run health plan starts to fail just like Medicare, just like social security and they have to start rationing health care services. Oh thats right i forgot Medicare is the largest denier of health care services already. More than the private health insurance. well Johnnie you got what you paid for, my question is now that our country is going to the central government run health plan where will the Canadian Minister go the next time he needs medical treatment, you can bet it wont be the U.S.A. anymore since our medical care will not be any better than the Canadians.

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