April fools

The Hutaree are coming!
The Hutaree are coming!
Well, no. The feds got ’em.
No onward Christian militia soldiers for these whackos.
This Cuckoo Clock Clan from Michigan wanted to kill a cop and then using homemade bombs to kill people who would be attending the officer’s funeral.
Police, they believe, are part of the government that should be wasted.
For punishment, send these real American beauties to a place where law isn’t enforced. A cave in Pakistan with bin Laden would be poetic justice.
Their version of the Patriot Act.
All part of God’s greater plan, they swear.
Real Old Testament wrath.
American jihad is alive and well and roaming the Heartland preparing for their uprising against the government.
Ronald Reagan’s spawn: Anti-government whackaloons who have heard their house pets quote Genesis.
Saddam didn’t have as many weapons of mass destruction as these delusional crackpots.
When the photos of the nine suspects were shown on TV, they looked like they were right out of central casting for the roles of insane redneck Americans with guns in background scene from a movie about the aftermath of a nuclear war.
Hutaree is a preview of coming attractions of real-life domestic terrorists waiting in the brush to take their country back. Back to the 18th century.
There’s no place in America for goons who want to destroy individual freedom. And who want to kill cops.
Check that. There’s no place on Earth for these morons.
Remember that rocket NASA sent to the moon to find water? Get another one ready: there’s nine candidates ready for launching.

More April foolishness:
1. Michael Jordan taught Tiger Woods how to womanize? Does that make him the “Air” Apparent?
Do we guys really need to be taught how to womanize?
If Jordan did indeed teach the golfing great, they both got an incomplete in the course on how to best keep their mistresses quiet.
2. Just in time for April Fools Day, Sarah “Reload” Palin’s “Real American Stories” will premiere on the everyday-is-April Fools Day-network, Fox News.
Now that’s programming genius.
No fooling.

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