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April fools

The Hutaree are coming! The Hutaree are coming! Well, no. The feds got ’em. No onward Christian militia soldiers for these whackos. This Cuckoo Clock Clan from Michigan wanted to kill a cop and then using homemade bombs to kill … Continue reading

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Republicans go clubbin’

Donate to the Republican Party and get America out of bondage —- so GOP lackeys can party hardy with bondage strippers. The Republican National Committee —- whose goal it seems is to put the “Party!” back in the Grand Old … Continue reading


Bullock’s ‘Bombshell’

America’s Sweetheart is heartbroken. Poor Oscar-winning actress and superstar Sandra Bullock wasn’t prepared for her rebel without a clue hubby cheating on her with a tattooed-stripper named Bombshell McGee. Talk about not protecting your Blind Side, Sandy. Hello! You married … Continue reading


Frum here to obscurity

Conservative thinker David Frum let the cat out of the bag. Frum is the former speechwriter for George W. Bush —- which immediately garners him sympathy because his meaty words used to be slaughtered by a dolt. Anyway, Frum had … Continue reading


Kids in the Hall of Congress

The party of “Hell no, you can’t” just can’t stop delivering the stupid in their feeble attempt to repeal health care reform. From Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, this: No health care coverage that OKs Viagara for child molesters. … Continue reading


McPalin 2010

John McCain is continuing to prove why it’s a good thing for America that he wasn’t elected president. The loser of the 2008 presidential race is vindictive and angry. That was the M.O. on him, even during the 2000 GOP … Continue reading


Running up the score

Let’s see, the score thus far…. Barack Obama, 15 months into his presidency, gets sweeping health care legislation passed. George W. Bush, eight years as president, asleep at the switch on 9-11, got us into an unnecessary war in Iraq … Continue reading

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Here’s to your health care

Hell froze over. On Sunday, House Democrats passed sweeping health care reform. Well, sort of health care reform. It’s not really reform without the public option. But having said that, the Democrats have for the moment at least relocated their … Continue reading

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A fish called Obama

Just when you thought nobody in their right mind could make this stuff up, no one in their right mind doesn’t disappoint. For all of you Obama conspiracy theory bumpkins who believe everything you hear, here’s another one that will … Continue reading

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Tiger’s return

Tiger is clawing his way back into the good graces of the golfing profession. There, the required Tiger Woods cliche has been duly noted. If you’re in the media and talk or write about Tiger, it’s required that a pun … Continue reading

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