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In sickness and health care

The Democrats are on the verge of passing President Obama’s signature health care reform. Democrats passing major legislation? Forget global warming —- check the temperature in hell to see if it froze over. Republicans aren’t backing away from their cavalry … Continue reading

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Educating Texas

A teacher in North Carolina writes the word “loser” on some of the assignments of his 11 and 12-year-old students —- and the parents are up in arms. People, you live in North Carolina. John Edwards was once a senator … Continue reading

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The great white grope

The week that was in the world of politics will be remembered asa time when themediawanted to keep grope alive. Recently disgraced and ousted Democratic N.Y. Congressman Eric “Tickled Pink” Massa got a lot of news media attention. Massa was … Continue reading


Pallin’ around with liberals

After her standup routine on Leno last week, Sarah “Shecky” Palin went Hollywood. The Fox News diva and her “entourage” (sans Johnny Drama and Turtle) went all Beverly Hillbillies at a gift shop in West Hollywood and loaded up with … Continue reading

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Another Beck train wreck

Forget about the horror flick currently playing at a theater near you. “The Crazies” met on Fox News when Glenn Beck had his one-on-one exclusive theater of the absurd interview with former Democratic Congressman Eric Massa. Beck, who thought his … Continue reading

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Oscar mired in predictability

“Expect the unexpected,” the female announcer boasted at the beginning of the 82nd Academy Awards last night. Sure, if you didn’t expect the show’s outcome to be predictable.. As predicted, it turned out to be a two-picture race with the … Continue reading

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Oscar wild guesses

Oscar needs an upset in the best picture category on Sunday night. The Academy Awards owes it to the viewing public to be like a great movie that builds suspense and pays off big with a surprise ending. The squawk … Continue reading

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Rejected Olympic events

The Olympic gold medal winners have been popping up all week on the late night talk shows and other daily shows. This is just a prelude before some of the stars get commercial endorsements and start showing up hawking products … Continue reading


Punchlines for Palin

“Shecky” Palin made her comedy debut on “The Tonight Show” last night. OK, some may conclude that she actually made her comedy debut in 2008 as John McCain’s running mate. In any event, she was pretty good jawing with Jay … Continue reading

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Back to the future (of Late Night)

Jay Leno returned to “The Tonight Show” on Monday and immediately reclaimed the ratings battle, easily pulling in more viewers than David Letterman. All is forgiven, it seems, for Jay killing Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show” career. It could’ve been curiosity … Continue reading

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