Blue Monday questions

Since conservatives and their fan base at Fox News beat up on President Obama for whatever it is he does, it’s a surprise they haven’t attacked him for his handling of the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the White House today.

Fox could’ve called the “news” segment: The Easter Egg Hunt —- A tradition or a Socialist agenda?”

The Fox-holes could’ve asked important questions like:

1. “Is the Easter Egg Hunt covered in your health care plan in case our children are harmed by out of control painted eggs?”

2. Isn’t that an illegal alien in the Easter Bunny suit taking away still another job from a real American?”

3. “Where’s the white chocolate?”

4. “Are you serving tea at this party?”

5. “Isn’t it true that these eggs were imported from the real country of your birth?”

Clawing his way back to the top:

Tiger Woods held another “My bad” press conference today in Augusta, on his way to trying to win another Masters tourney.

Nothing new here. Same old questions. Same old answers. Different day.

Can we get on with it?

Here are some of the questions that may have been fun to ask Tiger:

1. “Buy an iPad yet?”

2. “What would Buddha do?”

3. “Wouldn’t you really like to take a 9-iron to the news media?”

4. “Been to the Voyuer Club in West Hollywood lately?”

5. “Is it true your new caddy is going to be Jesse James?”

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  1. Is the long term in danger because of the mess that this generation is cautilizing? Let’s just hope that they will be sensible enough to turn things around.

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