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With all this talk about Democrats finally relocating their spine by passing health care comes word that a Republican senator may have shown signs that he rediscovered he has a conscience.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma — an ultra-conservative — actually lashed out at Fox News.

Yes the same Fox News that former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum said used to work for the Republican Party, but now the roles have been reversed.

At a town hall meeting in his state, Coburn had a John McCain moment with a woman who was totally out to lunch on the facts.

You might recall that McPalin incident during the 2008 campaign when the whacky old lady at a McCain town hall meeting told the GOP candidate that “Obama is an Arab” and McCain had to do the right thing and correct her. Turns out that was his finest moment in years. There have been none since.

Well, Coburn had to come face-to-face with the cold hard facts: Fox News is making a lot of people berserko grande.

The woman in the audience was of the firm belief that people would be put in jail for not obtaininghealth care under the new legislation.

Coburn not only had to set her straight on such nonsense, but then had the audacity to dismiss the accuracy of Fox News reports on health care reform. In short, Fox News lies.

“The intention is not to put any one in jail. That makes for good TV news on Fox but that isn’t the intention,” Coburn told the misinformed woman.

Coburn went even further by warningthe crowd against the myths perpetrated by Fox News.

“So don’t catch yourself being biased by Fox News that somebody is no good,” Coburn said, adding that just because some people don’t agree with you it doesn’t mean they’re bad. And, he went even further by saying that peopleneed to get their news from more than one source.

Tom. Tommy boy, Fox can prove that anyone who doesn’t agree with their twisted point of view is the spawn of Satan.

And apparently the devil must have possessed Coburn in order for him to take a swipe at the news network God would watch if he had basic cable. Or the time.

Fox perpetrating myths?

Is Glenn Beck insane?

Will Sarah Palin speak anywhere for money —- like a liquor convention in Vegas. What, you’re out of Moosehead beer! Hokey-smokes!

Do Republicans like bondage-themed strip clubs?

Anyway, Coburn may be dragged in chains (courtesy of the Voyeur Club in West Hollywood) to the Court of No Appeal (or appeals) before Mount Rushmore Limbaugh for punishment.

What, are they going to makeCoburn Republican National Committe chairman?

Just an apology to Jabba the Butt may not do this time.

Unless Coburn goes on Fox and tells America that socialist Obamacareniks were holding his cat hostage and threatened to put heroin in the pet’s Kibbles ‘n’ Bits if he didn’t trash Fox News.

Coburn will have to bark like the dog he is.

When even the most ardent conservatives start to sound reasonable, there is hope.

That’s hopey. Sorry, Sarah.

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