Hot stuff

The volcano in Iceland is doing a number disrupting aviation overseas and, consequently, here in the U.S. of A.

Not since Sept. 11 has there been such a global holding pattern.

The volcano Eyjafjallajokull ( Vanna, are there any L’s?) cast a spell over Europe and into Russia.

People all over the world, get on board a love train, because up, up and away is no way.

So, is this another sign of the Apocalypse? Microscopic particles as hard as a knife’s blade spewing from the natural wonder gone berserko grande.

Tons of dust being pumped into the air.

Travelers stranded.

How long will this last —- and was it mentioned in the Bible?

What has the world done to deserve this and who is to blame? And what can be done to protect the children!

Some people have the answer to why the volcano erupted and why it points to the sign Jesus is coming:

1. Televangelist Pat Robertson: “I am of the firm belief this volcano erupted because God is angry at the Democrats for passing health care.”

2. Mother Nature wanted to show there was something else in the world larger and full of more hot air spewing all kinds of dangerous things besides Rush Limbaugh.

3. Fox News: “Al Gore is responsible for this because he wants everybody to believe his baloney about global warming. And, oh ya, God is mad because Obamacare passed.”

4. President Obama: “I have called an emergency summit with leaders from 47 nations to go to the volcano and ask ‘Please don’t do that.’ “

5. George W. Bush: “You’re funning with me, right? A volcano is hot, correct? Well, how could a volcano eruptiside in Ice … Land?”

6. Sarah Palin: “Let’s see President Smarty Pants try to pronounce the name of that volcano without a teleprompter. And, oh ya, the volcano erupted because God’s angry as a bee in a bonnet ‘cos Obamacare passed.”

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