The truth is out there

Let them tell you how it will be…..

Those angry tea-baggers keep whining that the big, bad government is taxing hard working, real Americans to death, when in reality taxes for more than 90 percent of Americans, real or not, went down in 2009.

Taxes were at their lowest level in 60 years. Thanks in great part to economic stimulus legislation.

But enough about facts and figures. And the truth.

The tea-baggers are much more entertaining to the media. Sexier stories always getair time.

Plus TV news doesn’t have to think about what they’re reporting or actually have to do their job and report the facts —- Sarah Palin’s speaking somewhere for Jiminy Cricket’s sake!

Fact is, tea-baggers can’t complain about taxes being raised. But they do. Even though the majority of the tea baggers are well-off.

They come from privilege and they’re mostly white —- which goes without saying.

The problem they have is with pigmentation.

So they came up with their Contract from America.

Apparently if you’re white and well off you can speak for America.

Let’s go over a few:

1. Protect the Constitution. Real meaning: Take back white America. The founding fathers had slaves and slavery wasn’t even mentioned in Virginia in the questionable Confederate History Month proclamation. Mississippi Gov. Hayley Barbour came to the defense of Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell —- the spawn of Jimmy Swaggert — maintaining that slavery not mentioned “don’t amount to diddley.” Thank you, Gov. Diddley Squat.

2. End runaway government spending. Where were you guys when George W. (for Whitebread) Bush was taxing and spending the country into the toidy with his unpaid for and unnecessary war in Iraq?

3. Stop the pork. Agreed. Send Rush Limbaugh packing.

4. Defund, repeal and replace government-run health care. First of all, it’s not government-run. The government couldn’t run a temperature. And why should 32 million people who don’t have health insurance be any different from those of us haves —- these have-nots are used to not getting any benefits that could, oh, I don’t know, protect their children from any illnesses.
“Those people” have too many kids anyway. But wait,abortion isblasphemy. OK, next issue….

5. Stop the tax hikes. Again, taxes did not go up in 2009.

How about some real tea-bagging contract items. Like:

1. More old white rich guys running everything.

2. College fund at Liberty University (Jerry Falwell’s old haunting grounds) for kids who draw the best Hitler moustaches on anti-Obama posters.

3. Pay Palin whatever she wants —- we need the dues.

4. Continue convincing the media that we’re hot stuff and that Fox News has its grip on the throat of a paranoid nation.

5. Remember to keep the anti-government sentiment brewing —- corporations should run America. Look how well Toyota is doing. And Goldman Sachs — God bless ’em.

Post-script: Talk about ironic — or perfect timing, as it were: The “Happiness is a warm gun” rally took place outside of Washington, D.C., on Monday. On the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 Americans.

Nowadays, there are actually lawmakers and lawmaker wannabes in Oklahoma that want to vote on forming militias. Put int into law. This time when you fight the law, you win.

“Oklahoma, where there’s militias forming everyday.

Oklahoma, get your free tattoo of Timothy McVeigh…..”

Tea Party tea-baggers and militia nuts, you’re not the only ones who can chant that you want your country back.

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