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Rubber Souls

The Vatican has given peace a chance with The Beatles. All is forgiven —- even John Lennon’s statement more than 40 years ago that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. The Vatican newspaper paid tribute to the Fab … Continue reading


Hold that Tiger

Since Tiger Woods is back in the swing of things —- at the Masters in Augusta, that is — we should never again have to see or hear that creepy Nike commercial with the golf great staring into the camera … Continue reading


Rogue scholars

The Tea Party/Fox News presidential and vice presidential candidates for 2012 were together on Wednesday for one would hope not the last time. Humor-wise. Sarah “Reload” Palin was campaigning for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele “They’re coming to take me away, ha! … Continue reading

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Start making sense

With all this talk about Democrats finally relocating their spine by passing health care comes word that a Republican senator may have shown signs that he rediscovered he has a conscience. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma — an ultra-conservative — … Continue reading

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Nerves of Steele

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says he won’t resign. Steele seems to be under pressure for one scandal after another —- usually involving how money is being spent, like last week’s venture starring young Republicans patronizing a strip club … Continue reading


Blue Monday questions

Since conservatives and their fan base at Fox News beat up on President Obama for whatever it is he does, it’s a surprise they haven’t attacked him for his handling of the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the White House … Continue reading

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Political punchlines

Two Republicans using donor money walked into a lesbian-themed strip bar …. So begins the joke of the week. Punchlines are numerous but not for publication on this blog. See what you can do by making up your own punchlines. … Continue reading


Palin 24/7

Sarah “Lock ‘n’ load and reload” Palin’s Fox News TV series “Real American Stories” premieres tonight. On April Fools Day. That show should not be confused with the upcoming “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” which will debut on The Learning Channel probably … Continue reading

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