But seriously folks…

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner served up a roast with laughs at the expense of President Obama, politicians of both parties and the media.

Jay Leno was the host of the roast. Conan O’Brien was also invited, but he bowed out at the last minute when he was told he had to follow Leno.

OK, that’s not true. But the funny thing is Obama had better material than Leno. Guess it’s not protocol to win at “Can You Top This?” with a president.

Leno did have a few good lines like, “A lot of Republicans couldn’t make it here tonight —- it’s dollar drink night at the bondage clubs.” He followed that up with, “Republicans don’t want lesbians to get married —- but they don’t mind seeing them tying the knot.”

While the dinner was going on there was that bomb scare in New York City’s Times Square. Surprisingly, on Sunday, Fox News didn’t have a headline like, “Terror Scare in Times Square: Obama telling jokes while New York City under seige.”

Fox could’ve also fabricated fear mongering headlines out of Obama’s one-liners at that correspondents’ dinner. Since Fox News disciples don’t get their news from any other source, the so-called news network would’ve gotten away with these headlines to Obama’s jokes:

1. Obama’s joke: The Jonas Brothers are here. Sasha and Malia are big fans. But boys, don’t get any ideas. I have two words for you: Predator drones.

Fox Noose headline: “Obama threatens violence against white people; will use weapons at his disposal.”

2. Obama’s joke: Not much has changed in America in the past year, except that my poll numbers are down. At least my approval rating is still high in the country of my birth.

Fox Noose headline: “Obama confirms he wasn’t born in the United States.”

3. Obama’s joke: You know what really tickles me? Eric Massa.

Fox Noose headline: “Obama supports groping male staffers.”

4. Obama’s joke: If you don’t like the ruling of a death panel, you could appeal it.

Fox Noose headline: “Obama admits death panels appealing.”

5. Obama’s joke: Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele is here. Or as he’s also known, The Notorious GOP.

Fox Noose headline: “Obama tries to recruit RNC chairman into violent hip-hop culture.”

6. Obama’s joke: Sarah Palin has a name for Facebook —- socialized media.

Fox Noose headline: “Obama calls Sarah Palin a socialist —- the question then is: Isn’t that like calling the kettle black?”

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