The spill of it all

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Disaster in the Gulf?

Eco-catastrophe threatens economy?

No, try “Obama’s Katrina.”

Yep, the right wing-nuts are calling it that. Which must be a compliment, because they didn’t have a problem when the Yale Cowboy, George W., had to have some flunkie record the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina before someone actually pushed him onto a helicopter to survey the catastrophe five days later.

Fox News, the “Hope America Fails” network, and the radical right wing-nut they serve, Jabba the Butt Limbaugh, has even said the leftists sabotaged the oil spill.

Ya, that sounds about right. Tree-hugging, sea-turtle worshipping, environmentally-wussied liberal atheists (under orders by that guy in our White House, President Jesus Hater) intentionally blew up the British Petroleum ship so the nasty oil would spill into our waters and we’d have to convert to alternative energy.

Limbaugh’s been hitting the bottle (of oxycontin) again.

Meanwhile, where’s the “Drilla from Wasilla” Sarah “Drill, Baby, Drill” Palin been while all this has been going on?

It was nary a few weeks ago when the Prophet of Pathetic told her lemmings that it was safe to “drill, baby, drill” in the Gulf of Mexico.


Not to worry, the Fox Noose diva is probably being programmed by her brain trust (by Eraserhead himself, Glenn Beck) as to what to say —- which is the best way to blame the president.

They probably had to stop her from speaking out of turn on the oil spill because she might have said something like she was going to Louisiana to support the Bubba Gump Shrimp business. Stupid is as stupid does.

They should justput Pistol Packin’ Palin in a helicopter with an AK-47 and let her shoot sea turtles and dolphins and put ’em out of their misery so they don’t soak up our precious natural resource.

Meanwhile, Fox Noose wonders what is Obama’s government doing?

The government? Hey, the big, bad government is involved in our everyday lives —- ask Sean Hannity, he’s upset that the government wants to tell us how much salt we can eat. Eat as much as you like, Insanity.

Where’s the angry tea-baggers on this one? Keep government out of trying to save our oil!

Not gonna happen, Chester.

No rallying against the machine this go around.

And Fox and the lunatic right-wingers want to blame Obama because it couldn’t be the titans of oil —- the blood flow of big business —- that’s at fault.

British Petroleum is in bed with Wall Street as far as the big business Republican Party is concerned.

No such thing as strange bedfellows in this case.

And what happened to the theory that God is punishing Louisiana again because of gay marriage?

The country not wanting to rewrite the Constitution to make church and state one has got the Almighty’s great white beard in knots.

Maybe whackaloon televangelist Pat Robertson could spew more vile like abortion rights caused the oil spill —- not to mention there’s a lot of voodoo worship in New Orleans. And Catholics, too — ah,ha, the priest abuse scandal!

The country can’t afford to stand Pat.

On the other hand, just maybe God is angry at the South for making April Confederate History Month and Mississippi Gov. Hayley (what kind of a name for a man is Hayley, anyway?) Barbour belching that not mentioning slavery in the proclaimation didn’t amount to “diddly.”

Or maybe is was just human error.

Brought on by an insatiable appetite for the ambrosia — the nectar — that oil has become in America.

Alternatives to dependency on foreign oil?

We’d all have to go into rehab because we’re addicted to oil and we’re having the bejesus scared out of us because we’re told that the country’s tank is down a quart.

The political theory in America is that oil has to come from somebody’s backyard.

Pretty soon the poor people living on the Gulf Coast may have to mean it when they say “there goes the neighborhood.”

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