Know your enemy combatants

Enough already with that inept would-be terrorist who left the keys to his getaway car in his bomb in Times Square.

Note to every cable news network —- stop running his photo with that smug, snarky look on his face. Let’s not have to look at his ugly mug until the November elections —- when every Republican running for the House and Senate uses it in mud-slinging ads against those soft-on-terrorism Democrats.

Everytime there is a failed terrorist plot (like the one in December with the underpants bomber on that passenger jet in Detroit) Republicans and right wing-nuts accuse the “disloyal” opposition as being the “enemy within.”

If We, the People keep finger-pointing to who we believe among us is a traitor, then the terrorists haven’t won —- but they are damn well continuing to build on an insurmountable lead.

You would like to believe that stigmatizing other Americans for being un-American went out with Joe McCarthy.

Au contraire, Freedom Fries breath. There’s the spawn of McCarthy, Rush Limbaugh, the Oracle of Obtuse. He flatulated that the Times Square boob of a bomber was a registered Democrat. Jabba the Butt also tooted that he wouldn’t doubt it if Fazool, Fazizzle, or whatever his name is, had an Obama bumper sticker on the SUV with the device (and the car keys) in it.

More un-American dippity-do straight from the horse’s patooty.

Limbaugh’s “Obama is the enemy combatant” is as murky and slimely as that oil sludge in the Gulf of Mexico, where Limbaugh surfaces on a daily basis.

One wonders if, after a second lame attempt at terrorism in the last several months, Limbaugh isn’t hoping that the third time will be the charm.

How many more Faisal Shahzads are out there? Faisal Shahzad —- that sounds like the first words yelped by a patient after that defining moment in the proctologist’s office: “Faisal Shahzad!”

In any event, slithering from under a rock into the Limbaugh mindset is Sen. “Say it ain’t so, Joe” Lieberman, who proposed a law that would give the state department the authority to issue loss of citizenship to accused terrorists.

Almost hard to argue with that —- but when they’re found guilty. Due process, baby, due process.

But “You Can’t Spell Lieberman without Lie” not only wants stripped citizenship for accused terrorists —- but also for anyone affiliated with them.

Hopefully moms will be exempt.

The Joe-ker’s “strip your citizenship” bill had little support from his fellow senators. One who stood by his man was Massachusetts Sen. Scott “Cosmo Boy” Brown — must be because it has the word “strip” in it.

Lieberman in the real Fool on the Hill —- Capitol Hill, that is.

This moron was almost vice president. Thankfully, Al Gore lost. But Lieberman ought to use Gore’s line afterAl finally conceded the 2000 election to W., the Yale Cowboy: “It’s time for me to go.”

“The Tool on Capitol Hill” (sung to the Beatles tune “The Fool on the Hill.”)

“Day after day on the Senate floor

Joe Lieberman keeps proving he should be shown the door.

He’s worn out his usefulness

and he puts people to sleep when he talks.

He’s molesting the 14th Amendment

But the Tool on Capitol Hill

is monotone, not Palin shrill

so he’s got no forum left —

he’s even too lame to be on Fox.”

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