Arizona sings

The latest polls show that more than 80 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the economy is headed.

Another poll shows a majority of Americans —- more than 60 percent, in fact —- approve of Arizona’s tough new law on illegal immigration, even though those polled agreed that it would result in racial profiling.

The two go hand-in-hand: When the economy is bad, the people get angry —– and have little or no tolerance for injustice to others if it doesn’t directly effect them.

Arizona is releasing even more white heat: Gov. Jan Brewer, who is not going to fare very well in history, signed into law banning ethnic studies in her state’s schools.

States and cities are boycotting having anything to do financially with Arizona because of the controversial law.

“By the time you get to Phoenix you’ll be arrested

But only if you look like you don’t belong.

Your kids will only study history of white people,

ethnic purity in the curriculum is comin’ on strong.

“By the time you get to Phoenix

McCain will be running —-

from anything that could find him trailin.’

We all know the old coot should get the boot

for turning coward and giving us Palin.”

Idea for a right wing-nut radio song that could be a hit in Arizona: “Those People” (sung to the tune “Short People” by Randy Newman):

“Those people

got no reason

no reason to be here.

Those people, those people

we gotta learn ’em some fear.

They got brown skin and shifty eyes

we don’t want our women

with no sombrero-wearing guys.

Don’t want no ‘those people’ ’round here.

“Those people

got no reason

got no reason to be here.

We don’t care if they

can manacure a lawn

or clean our houses

from dusk to dawn.

Don’t want no ‘those people’ ’round here.”

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3 Responses to Arizona sings

  1. john says:

    I don’t know why I bothered to check your stupid blog, but sure enough, more of your brain dead, liberal hackery. More cowbell, Bruno and libs. Hey Bruno, how do Obama and Pelosi’s intestines look from the inside, being your head is so far up their…

    Top ten lists, lame song parodies (you’d never make Mad Magazine, Bruno), ridiculous lefty bromides, etc. And we should all be swayed by these lame opinions from a “Copy Editor”????? But Sarah Palin (you know, someone who has actually accomplished something of value, through her own efforts), is stupid in your book? You are truly pathetic. And wrong. Always.

    Cry some more about Arizona, Bruno. It will be a good tear duct warm up for November of 2010 and 2012.

  2. paul C in PA says:

    Hey..MJPs back with another personality…man he’s tricky…

  3. john says:

    Boy, that MJP must have been all over you, Bruno. For the record, I am not this “MJP.” Bruno knows. What, do you think only one person holds conservative views and is willing to call Bruno’s brain dead crap for what it is? Contrary to you libs, we conservatives do not follow a “dear leader” like you lemmings in your Obama love. Lots of folks feel as I do. Liberalism lost the battle of ideas many years ago. Re-packaging socialism as “progressive” (what a joke!) will not work. Obama was elected in a fluke, fueled by black racism (95%+?) and ignorant young people who voted for the “cool and hip” guy (“he likes JayZ?; I have to vote for him!!!”). To use the favorite phrase of his incompetent “Homeland Security” chief Napolitano (now there’s a truly scary reality), Obama will be a “one-off.”

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