Hypocritical political

‘Hoosier’ sugar daddy.

Indiana Republican Congressman Mark Souder is resigning his seat in the House after admitting publicly to a love affair with a female staffer.

There they go again: Hypocritical evangelical Christian family values guys at play in the fields of the lord.

OK, so both political parties are guilty of philandering —– but the GOPhas got a comfortable leadgoing into the bottom of the ninth.

Plus, this hypocrite was preaching abstinence. He even did a public service program about the importance of abstaining from sex. Guess who was the person interviewing him? Yep, the mistress.

Naturally, Fox News tried to deflect yet another GOP Most Embarrassing Moment by bringing up the weasel John Edwards. Again. Just hang tight, another Democrat will join the ranks of philandering fools soon enough. They just won’t be santimonious snobs who, until they get caught, think their holier-than-thou attitude —- and party affiliation — will let it slide.

Souder said “I have sinned before God and my family.”

What will Souder do now? Maybe hike the Old Appalacian Trail.

Maybe they ought to come up with an new animated TV series called “Family Values Guy” —- there’s a lot of unintentional laughs waiting in the wings for these hypocrites.

Meanwhile at the White House, President Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Or as Fox News referred to it “Those two guys without American birth certificates.”

The two presidentes discussed immigration reform. Or as Sean Hannity calls it, devil worshipping.

There was another State Dinner at the White House. This time for El Presidente.

The Salais were invited. Not because they’re of any importance, but because the White House figured they’d show up anyway.

We know who was there, but who was left off the guest list?:

1. A lot of white people (or anyone belonging to the Tea Party)

2. The Jonas Brothers (still paranoid about that Predator drones comment made by Obama)

3. Rush Limbaugh, who could’ve been a good emcee. He could’ve started off with this: “Someone asked me if I heard “Law & Order” was canceled, and I said, where have you been, law and order was canceled once President Jesus Hater took office.”

4. Sarah Palin: Even though they promised her she could shoot her own dinner, the Baked Alaskan said she declined an invitation.

5. Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona: She was invited, but at the last minute was turned away because her invitation wasn’t in order.

“Subconscious Hometown Blues”

(sung to the tune of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”)

“Beck’s cryin’ at commencement

sees Nazis in the government

Palin babbling to the NRA

on shoot Bambi’s mother day.

The man in the White House

too cool, nobody’s fool

makes his critics holler

says he’s bringing change

but no one’s got a dollar.

Look out GOP

that’s some powerful Tea

God’s special brew

gets your country back for you.

Better do what you’re told

not what you think’s fair

the manaical defacto leader

giving commands on air

demands his pound of flesh

or your career’s in intensive care.”

(second verse)

“Specter the defector

no more a lawmaker/protector

electorate finally got leery

of the simple mind behind

the single-bullet theory.

Look out Johnny Mac

you’re on the wrong track

better get your house in order

stand guard at the Arizona border

don’t wanna go down to defeat

better go right wing-nut — toot sweet!

ever since you gave us Palin

your fan base has been bailin.’ “

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One Response to Hypocritical political

  1. john l says:

    Bruno, what a pathetic hack you are. You spew your lame hatred towards conservatives, yet, our president, you know, the guy who for some reason will not release his Columbia records, surrounds himself with:

    Jeremiah Wright, his “GD America” pastor of 20 years

    Van Jones, admitted communist and long time black panther associate who vocally defended cop killers.

    Anita Dunn, who stated one her favorite “philosophers was Mao, you know, the guy who murdered 2900 million of his own people.

    Who was, despite his denials, a close associate of William Ayers of the Weather Underground, who actively committed violence against the US and were a party to a cop killing.

    Who has very, very close business ties to Tony Rezko, a convicted felon currently serving time.

    Whose FCC Czar made numerous statements about the wonderful things Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela. Charming.

    Who boasted of his ties to SEIU, the totally corrupt ACORN, and whose major title has been “community organizer.”

    Who in his own books, admitted using and selling coke and pot, as well as seeking out radicals, black nationalists, etc. as a college student. Proudly.

    Whose first acts as president was to re-establish funding for abortions in other countries.

    Who has gone around the world bowing and apologizing to dictators and to muslims who cheered and danced when the towers fell on 9/11.

    Who refuses to even mention the term “Radical Islam” when virtually every terrorist attack for the past thirty years has been perpetrated by jihadis. What a PC coward he is.

    Who famously referred to “bitter white Americans clinging to their guns and religion” and also frequently has referred to “typical white persons” No racism there, eh Copy Boy?

    Who cannot speak a coherent sentence without a teleprompter. Yes, our genius president who boasted about visiting “57 states” and used the term “corpse men” while speaking before them! (LOL!- oh yes, he’s soooo smart). Oh, and mocked special needs kids to boot. What a great guy!

    Who lied about posting bills before voting, having open negotiations about health care on CSPAN, then admitted that he himself had not read all the bills we are now on the hook for.

    Who, along with numerous members of his administration (even his brain dead AG, Holder!), have blasted Arizona’s entirely reasonable (it mirrors federal laws about immigrants being required to have legal documentation) law, but admits to not having read the huge…16 page law.

    But to you, Copy Boy, and your like-minded anti-American idiots, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Rush, Hannity, Beck, are stupid, dangerous, etc. Hey Bruno: who is more like most Americans and shares their values, Obama and Pelosi, or Palin and Rush? Case closed.

    These are not wacko points, but facts. Have the guts to check it out, Bruno? Or might that tax your pea brain to actually do some research and back up your idiotic assertions with facts?

    Your stupid song parodies are truly lame. I only post so others wasting their time with your crap will at least see another, more thought out, fact based and proudly American view.

    Sadly, we do have a president who hates the real America, our Constitution, the ideals of our founders (they were rich white slave holders, right?), and is set on destroying the America our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. He is truly a piece of garbage, based on his easily substantiated years of associations.

    But conservatives are the big problem, right, Copy Boy?

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