‘Got’cha’ vs. ‘Get’cha’

The latest whiny sound coming from Republican candidates for Senate is that the vast left wing conspiracy media is out to get them with “got’cha” questions.

Never mind that Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul looked like anything but a Boy Scout (he didn’t come prepared) when he flip-flopped on his confusing stand on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on Rachel Maddow’s show. Or that Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden still can’t distance herself from the fact she suggested people should barter with their doctors over health care treatment by offering physicians chickens.

These two nitwits said what they said, were caught on tape saying it and now blame the media for putting their own dumb words in their mouths.

The candidates are following the ‘this way over the cliff ‘course of their clueless leader, the Baked Alaskan herself, who is the patron saint of using the excuse that she is always being persecuted by the “got’cha” questions. Never mind that they were common sense questions looking for a common sense — or a general knowledge thereof —- response that any politician worth his or her grain of salt should know. So now Pistol Packin’ Palin only appears on Fox Noose, where they sugar-coat every question (and answer) for her.

Meanwhile, Fox Noose is into “get’cha” journalism —– forever trying to nail President Obama for one thing or another. Which brings us to the 10 most idiotic (even for Fox) the “Hope America Fails” so-called news network has tried to make stick against the president:

1. He isn’t really president. Within an hour after he was sworn in as the 44th president, Fox questioned whether Obama’s oath of office was legitimate —- since Chief Justice John Roberts stumbled over some of the words to the oath, thus making Obama stumbled a bit over the same words.

2. Obama doesn’t wear a tie and jacket in the Oval Office. Fox took this one seriously, because Saint Reagan made it mandatory during his supreme presidency. No tie, no jacket, no legitimate service to the country.

3. The fist bump. Roh-roh. The Obamas started a mini-trend by bumping fists when the first lady would introduce the prez before he spoke at a rally. This lead to one of the Fox Noose bubbleheaded bleached blondes questioning “The fist bump: A greeting or a terrorist salute.” Which led to asking of the perky broadcaster, “Barbie doll or mannequin?”

4. Where’s the birth certificate? Fox stoked the flames of the “Birthers” idiotic movement, which demanded (and still does) proof that Obama was born in the USA.

5. Obama’s health care reform includes “death panels” that will pull the plug on granny. This retarded hysteria was mouthed incessantly by the Baked Alaskan — which served as her aution tape to be a Fox Noose diva. As if this nosebleed needed an audition to wallow in the swamp.

6. Obama wanted sex education taught in schools as early as kindergarten. This was fueled by Sean Hannity, who has the brain of a pre-schooler.

7. Obama doesn’t wear a flag pin on his lapel —- and bonus points for the paranoid: he doesn’t put his hand over his heart during “the Pledge.”

8. Obama wants to take away your right of recreational fishing. Yep, this is how far Fox would sink, to even try to scare the public into believing Obama wants people not to fish. They couldn’t reel in too many in on this one, because even the most ardent Foxholes wouldn’t take this bait. Maybe Fox should now say Obama was foreshadowing any attempt to fish this spring or summer in the Gulf of Mexico, which is why he organized the oil spill.

Sidebar: Miss “Drill, Baby, Drill” of 2010 demanded that Obama plug that dosh garn hole. It would be a wonderful world after all if the only way that oil spill could finally be stopped is if Palin first had to plug her damn cake hole.

9. Newt Gingrich, another psychotic Fox Noose contributor, said the Obama administration is worse than Nazi Germany or Stalin’s regime. You know, the Obama with the Hitler moustache poster put to words by the scumbag who, when his wife was on her death bed, told her he was leaving her for another woman. Hitler was a maniac, but even he probably didn’t do something that disrespectful and disgraceful to Eva Braun.

10. Obama wants to take away our guns. This is the parrot-speaking talking point of tea baggers at every occasion. Their answer for everything. Obama has never indicated that his sites were set on using the 2nd Amendment for target practice. In fact, he even signed a bill that would allow citizens to pack heat when they go to national parks. You know, in case a kama-kazi bird tries to bombard the picnic table. Or, God forbid, somebody parks their car in the spot you thought you were going to get first.

Naturally, on Memorial Day conservatives were critcizing Obama for not laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington. Instead, the president was going to pay tribute to our nation’s fallen heroes at Lincoln Cemetery in Illinois, near where Obama is vacationing.

Not good enough, Adolph Stalin. Never mind that Daddy Bush never did the honors and sent his veep instead. Or that Saint Reagan missed one occasion because he was vacationing at his ranch in California reliving his celluloid days as a cowboy.

Patriotism seems to always be lacking among Democratic presidents.

Meanwhile, Republicans have positioned themselves to defund the military if letting gays serve openly in the military becomes law.

Should gays also be stopped from voting Republican? Doesn’t matter, they’re probably all Democrats anyway.

Spearheading the prevention of the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is former hero turned coward John “Don’t call me a maverick” McCain.

When desperation collides with old age, it ain’t a pretty sight.

McCain keeps seeing the (Arlen) specter of doom hanging out at the polls for his re-election to the Senate from Arizona.

Sen. John “I was for it before I was against it (DADT, immigration reform)” McCain.

When all is said and done and written about this man who once demanded our respect, he will be remembered for unknowingly putting “Country first” —- because by him picking Palin as a running mate, he spared the nation from him ever being president.

And for that we can all feel at ease.

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  1. Oso Viejo says:

    Hey, you guys don’t really PAY this guy for these rants, do you?

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