A Day in His Life

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But does he have the chops to serenade the first lady with his Beatles classic “Michelle”?

Paul McCartney was set to perform at the White House on Wednesday night.

Or as Fox News would report it: “Beatle Paul McCatney’s latest gig is at the White House tonight. Obama is listening to music while oil keeps spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. Coincidence that the villain in the oil spill is British Petrolium, and McCartney is British? We report. You decide.”

McCartney said he was nervous going into the gig. Maybe he’s just amazed.

The former Beatle has a vast repertoire to select from when performing his greatest hits for the Obamas.

Ironically, his most famous hit “Yesterday (all my toubles seemed so far away)” is way too appropriate.

Here are some other songs McCartney could sing that need to be renamed for the concert at the Obamas:

1. “I’m Down (in the polls)”

2. “Can’t Buy Me Votes”

3. “I Should’ve Known Better (than to come out for offshore drilling two weeks before the disaster in the Gulf)”

4. “Got to Get You Into My Party” (sung in a duet with Arlen Spector)

5. “Help (anybody!)”

6. “It’s Not Getting Any Better Anytime Soon”

7. “She’s Leaving Al Gore’s Home”

8. “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Obama”

9. “Not a Second Term”

10. “The Long and Whining Road” (sung to video clips of John McCain on the campaign trail in 2008.)

Larry goes Gaga

“French Lick, Indiana. Hello!”

Pop music superstars interviewed by Larry King is suddenly hip?

Who knew?

Lady Gaga, the current flavor of the moment who leaves a bad taste in some peoples’ mouths, is the latest pop star to appear on the Lizard-looking King’s show.

The entertainer was arrogant and kooky, apparently trying to come off as a celebrity that no one could pigeon-hole.

In either a homage to King or a case of ridiculing him (she’s so deep, who could tell?) the Gaga wore King trademark suspenders and glasses (dark sunglasses, no doubt to come off more mysterious.)

King was out of his element trying to conduct an interview that would put him comfortabley at home in the celebrity’s bizarre orbit.

You gotta hand in to ol’ Larry, though, he even outdoes Leno as a host who will do anything for ratings.

But, trooper that he is, King will always provide the same bravado when interviewing guests, no matter their status.

He even delivers similar bravado when he’s promoting upcoming guests:

“Tomorrow night: Nelson Mandela.

Wednesday: The four living presidents, Carter, the Bushes and Bill Clinton, together on the same show.

Thursday night: The Pope.

And on Friday: Andy Dick!”

At times, King does go off course with some of his questions. But off the beaten track with the Gaga may have been just the ticket during that uncomfortable-watching Q&A.

One could have anticipated King asking her questions like:

1. “Is it pronounced Gaga or Gag-ah?”

2. “Why two Ga Ga’s? Wasn’t one enough?”

3. “Do you think you’re more popular than Jesus Christ?”

4. “Speaking of the Beatles, I hear you like their music. You know, if you married Madonna —- and in this day and age, who knows? —- you’d be ‘Lady Madonna.’ “

5. “Hey, I just thought of a great idea. Tell me what you think: You and Sir Paul McCartney record a duet on a remake of one of his Beatles songs and retitle it “Ob-la-di-Ob-la-Gaga.’ “

6. “How would I look all Gaga-ed up? More like Rudy Giuliani — or Bea Arthur?”

7. “Is it true you want to convert to Judaism and change your name to Lady Gaza?”

8. “How can we stop that damn oil leak in the Gulf?”

9. “Were you as shocked as I was that Al and Tipper Gore are splitting up after 40 years of marriage?”

10. “You say you are sexually progressive —- so can you go for a guy who is 75-years-old, loves what he does for a living, has been married eight times, and looks like a lizard?”

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