Return to gender

The ladies are the champs.

In the Great Estrogen Election —- primaries, really —- on Tuesday.

Women ruled the political primary landscapes almost across the board.

Nikki Haley will likely win the run-off election at the end of the month to become the Republican nominee for governor of South Carolina.

Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln staved off defeat in a run-off primary to try for another term in the fall.

And in the land of big money, even though the state is broke, California Republicans nominated billionaire Meg Whitman, the former eBay chief executive who spent $70 million (some say $80 million) of her own money just to get nominated.

California Republicans also nominated another woman — Carly Fiorina — to run against incumbent Sen. Barbara “Don’t call me ma’am, I’m a senator” Boxer.

Mega-Billions Whitman will run against former California Gov. Jerry “Remember the ’70s?” Brown.

What, Democrats couldn’t find anybody besides Brown to run for governor?

No action-adventure body-building knuckle-dragging Neanderthal movie star in the party?

OK, that’s been done — and not too successfully. But that never stopped Political Hollywood from trying to score with the same formula.

Mega-Bucks Whitman could run away with this one in November and only have to spend about $200 million of her own fortune. She’s a new face on the political scene —- and California loves voting for political novices, Ahh-nold. She was obviously a successful businesswoman. And she could paint “Governor Moonbeam” (Brown still can’t shake that moniker) as an archaic politician not worth the price the state is going to have to pay to take that trip down memory lane.

She is 20 years younger than Brown, who is now 72. And California is a “think young” state.

For his part, Brown could counter-punch with the fact Whitman has not voted for at least 20 years, until she voted for herself on Tuesday.

Also, if she cares so much for debt-ridden California, couldn’t she have put that $70 million to better use than to get elected to a job that doesn’t pay as much as she spends a year on tips?

Heck, $70 million would have got the state through to about noon on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Senate race in California should provide a lot of sparks.

It’s womano-a-womano in a prize fight that should give the Democrat the edge if by name only —- Boxer. But watch out for “Carlyfornia” Fiorina. She’s scrawney but fiesty. A lot of guys would like to see this race decided by a catfight. Fiorina looks like she can, and has, scratched and pulled hair with the best of them.

Boxer is vulnerable because of the anemic economy —- but she has plenty of firepower to use against Fiorina, who was CEO of Hewlitt-Packard until she was fired. She was a key player for the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008 and was more or less kicked out of that job too.

So she’ll be perfect for the Senate.

In South Carolina, Haley survived accusations by two men who said they had extramarital affairs with her. Ya, in their dreams.

And Nikki Haley is dreamy.

While Blanche Lincoln got some last-minute support in person by Bill Clinton that pundits admit put her over the top, Haley had Sarah Palin stumping with her.

In fact, Palin had a good night, having shown up to campaign with not only winners Haley and Fiorina, but Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle, who got the GOP nomination for senator in Nevada to run against the meek and week Senate Majority Leader Harry “Droopy” Reid.

Princess Palin: political Queenmaker.

Of course one would expect that Palin will be her usual humble self and not take credit for all those wins.

Ya, and Glenn Beck isn’t insane.

Speaking of insane, the one and only (thank God for that) Orly Taits —- yes, that’s her real name —- she of the “birther” movement (she is its founder, you know the cretins who demand to see the president’s borth certificate because they believe he wasn’t born in the USA) lost her bid for California Secretary of State.

She was the only candidate Palin backed who didn’t win.

Ironic, since Taits is probably closest in political idiocracy to Palin.

Finally, there’s the chicken lady.

Sue Lowden, who lost her bid for the GOP nomination to Angle to run against Reid, was the candidate who weeks ago had a solid lead in the polls — until she mentioned bartering with doctors for health care treatment by offering physicians things like, you know, chickens. Like they did way back in the day.

Lowden lost —- but her famous chicken delight remark will ensure her immortality in the annals of famous political gaffes.

Talk about laying an egg….

But kudos to the GOP for nominating thesefine ladies.After Tuesday night, it’s looking like the Republican Party and not the Democratic Party is the more progressive.

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