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Confusing the confirmations

There were two important confirmation hearings going on in tandem in the Nation’s Capitol on Tuesday. Lawmakers are grilling President Obama’s pick for Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan —while lawmakers at the other hearing are fawning over Gen. David Petraeus … Continue reading


Their World Cup runneth over

OK, can we stop talking about and going berserko grande over World Cup Soccer now that the U.S. team has been eliminated from competion? On Monday there were no cable news network female anchors acting like middle school girls going … Continue reading

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The Joker

In February 1967 after hearing CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite’s editorial on why we had to get out of Vietnam, President Lyndon Johnson was supposed to have said, “That’s it. If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” Fast forward … Continue reading

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Poll vaunting

A recent poll taken shows that 41 percent of Americans believe the second coming of Jesus Christ will happen within the next 40 years. The recent cover of Newsweek magazine has the Baked Alaskan herself on the cover with the … Continue reading

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The Decider

President Obama finally acted like a commander-in-chief Wednesday with his handling of the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the now former U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Obama pulled no punches and didn’t sound too apologetic in his Rose Garden speech explaining … Continue reading


War of the words

The cable TV news sharks were building up an immunity to smelling oil in the water when —- hallelujah! —- new blood started flowing. The blood wasn’t spilled on the battlefields of Afghanistan, but the wounds run deep from inside … Continue reading

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True colors

There they go again. The Republican Party bailing out President Obama, that is. They just can’t help themselves. Obama was bogged down in that massive oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, for not “emoting” and for his administration … Continue reading


Fathers on film

The late, great George Carlin did a lot of routines knocking religion. He didn’t believe in God and therefore no afterlife for good people in heaven and bad people in hell. But, Carlin would quickly add, if there is a … Continue reading


The reviews are in

President Obama spoke from the Oval Office on Tuesday night where he addressed the nation on the catastrophe that is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It was advertised as Obama’s most important address to the nation since … Continue reading


Help is on the way

The president who came into office who some thought may be channeling Abraham Lincoln is instead channeling Jimmy Carter. At least that’s how Fox News, the “Hope America Fails” network, consistently paints the Barack Obama presidency. They can’t stop comparing … Continue reading

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