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Gipper’s day

There’s joy in Mudslingingville. Conservatives can rejoice. There will be a Ronald Reagan Day after all. The big day will be Feb. 6, 2011, in California. Coincidentally, that day will be the 100th anniversary of the Gipper’s birth. Of course … Continue reading

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Rumors with a ‘View’

President Obama is going to appear on “The View” on Thursday, Chelsea Clinton is getting married on Saturday, and Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin are new BFFs and are going to take the kids camping. All the more reason not … Continue reading


Box office appeal

Coming this August, another Julia Roberts movie. Critics will fawn over it, calling it bunk like “the feel-good romantic comedy of the summer.” What none of the emasculated male movie critics have the family Julias to say is what it … Continue reading


The bullies’ pulpit

Idea for an editorial cartoon, borrowing heavily from the classic “Peanuts” comic strip: 1. In the first panel, Sarah Palin as Lucy is holding a football that says the words “Fox Manufacured News” on it. President Obama as Charlie Brown … Continue reading

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All the news that’s fit to slant

If Fox Manufactured News was around as long as the three major news networks, say for the last 50 years, here’s how it would’ve “covered” some major news events: 1. The Kennedy assassination: “President John F. Kennedy committed suicide today … Continue reading


Sarah Shakespeare

“Two households, not equal in liquidity, in cold Wasilla where our fable unfolds. Two star-struck lovers reunite after time apart in their winter of discontent. In one household the son of gypsies, tramps and thieves who by nature live within … Continue reading

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The Spill is Gone

If the record industry moneychangers act quickly enough they could get the great B.B. King to release a fresh take on his classic song “The Thrill is Gone” and update it to “The Spill is Gone” in response to the … Continue reading

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Gibb it up

White House Press Secretary Robert “Glib” Gibbs stepped in it on one of the Sunday talk shows last week when he admitted that the Democrats could lose control of the House to Republicans come the November election. The comment made … Continue reading


It’s all in the games

Good news, like famous deaths, can come in threes: The National League finally won an All-Star Game for the first time since 1996. Speaking of national — our long, national nightmare is over: World Cup Soccer is finally done. Once … Continue reading


Cleveland rocked

Idea for a cartoon: First panel is a sign on the wall in that city on Lake Erie that says “Cleveland Rocks.” The second panel shows LeBron James erasing the “Ro” in Rocks and replacing it with the letters “Su.” … Continue reading