Back in the U.S. of A

Russian spies in America.

What is this 1962?

Are there missiles in Cuba again?

OK, this Obama as another Jack Kennedy has gone a bit too far.

Man, conservatives have got to be going wild. Oh boy, another round of Cold War.

See what happens when a liberal wimp is president. Ruskies!

Wha? They’ve been here for 10 years and neither W. nor Deadeye Dick Cheney knew about this?

Can’t blame them, though. They were too busy pitting one American against another as being un-American because they didn’t agree with their regime.

And if you ask George he probably would’ve just answered, “What Russian spies? They went away after President Reagan told the leader with the thing on his head to tear down the Pink Floyd Wall.”

In any event, the Russian spy ring has all the makings of a future TV miniseries. Heck, there may even be some songs written about it. Hey, there’s one already:

“Back in the U.S. of A” (sung to the tune “Back in the U.S.S.R” by The Beatles)

“Living in suburbs next door to your granma

gonna enlist her in KGB.

We made millions in real estate

got blueprints of U.S. technology.

We’re back in U.S. of A.

lunch at T.G.I. Friday, dude,

back in U.S. of A.

“We evade law by using sexy redhead

to pose as smokin’ hot soccer mom.

Easy to do in New Jersey

Americans avoid state like it’s atom bomb.

We’re back in U.S. of A.

go to Yankee Stadium on Sunday

back in U.S.

back in U.S.

back in U.S. of A.

“Well, Sarah Palin almost blew our cover

seeing Putin’s head over Alaska airspace.

We know about iPhones before Steve Jobs

got early prototypes of Book

with Face, Face, Face, Face, Face, Face, Face….

“Now that we’re caught we get reality show

and then maybe meet Lady Gaga.

We already got show biz experience

We play werewolves in new “Twilight” saga.

“We’re back in U.S. of A

we buy Ford and Chevrolet, dude

back in U.S.

back in U.S.

back un U.S. of A….”

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