The Spill is Gone

If the record industry moneychangers act quickly enough they could get the great B.B. King to release a fresh take on his classic song “The Thrill is Gone” and update it to “The Spill is Gone” in response to the capping (for now) of that oil leak in the Gulf.

Maybe not. Anyway, creepy music moguls would probably loom over Justin Beiber until he decides to record it.

After 90 days some progress has been made on the greatest environmental disaster in our nation’s history. But not before the spill or leak or whatever the media calls it nowadays has found its way into the American lexicon —- even on TV and in music and movies. For example:

New titles for TV shows:

1. “My Name is Oil”

2. “Leak it to Beaver”

3. “Gossip Goil”

4. “Spill Street Blues”

5. “Hawaii 5-Oil”

Famous songs retitled:

1. “Smoke on the Deepwater Horizon” by Deep Purple

2. “Desolation Flow” by Bob Dylan

3. “Hey crude” by the Beatles

4. “Another Brick in the Well” by Pink Floyd

5. “Great Tar Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis

Famous movies remade with new titles:

1. “Singin’ in the Drain”

2. “There Will Be Mud”

3. “The Big Drill, Baby, Drill”

4. “Deepwater Throat”

5. “Tar Wars”


More foul language (and bleeps on TV news) than a Rod Blagojevich pay-for-play deal going down but caught on tape by someone wearing a wire.

More intense than a Tiger Woods minor car crash that led to a major scandal starting with his wife attackinghim with a nine iron.

Nearly more speedy a crash and burn than a Lindsay Lohan young Hollywood career.

Don’t miss “The Year of Living Dangerously with Mad Max.”

Mel Gibson is so out of control and hated these days he makes Roman Polanski look like Pat Boone.

Is his career in the toilet, where his mouth has been? Who cares? Anyway, he probably loves the publicity because there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Especially these days when, like the old song says, anything goes.

Here are some movie titles that could be remade with Mel and his long-suffering wife in mind:

1. “Despicable Me”

2. “The Jerk”

3. “Old Yeller”

4. “Raging Bull”

5. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Movie titles renamed that Mel would make:

1. “For Whom the Mel Boils”

2. “The Misogyny and the Ecstasy”

3. “Ranty Maim”

4. “Wetback to the Future”

5. “Ben-Hurt”

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