The bullies’ pulpit

Idea for an editorial cartoon, borrowing heavily from the classic “Peanuts” comic strip:

1. In the first panel, Sarah Palin as Lucy is holding a football that says the words “Fox Manufacured News” on it. President Obama as Charlie Brown says, “You’re not going to pull the ball away before I kick it and make me fall on my keester again, are you?”

2. In the second panel, Sarah Palin as Lucy says “Good grief, President Obama as Charlie Brown, trust me this time. Don’t be so skiddish.”

3. In the third panel as President Obama as Charlie Brown attempts to kick the football, Sarah Pallin as Lucy moves it away sending him into the air.

4. In the fourth panel, President Obama as Charlie Brown is flat on his back. The word “sigh” is in a cartoon balloon over his head as Sarah Palin as Lucy says “How’s that hopey, changey thing workin’ for ya?”

Fox Manuafactured News acted like a cluster of Pontius Pilates once the Shirley Sherrod incident exposed them for deliberately misleading the public with an edited for the content they wanted.

“We slice and dice content for our report so we can help you decide,” should be that so-called news network’s new motto.

They washed their hands of the whole mess and tried to turn the tables on the fact that the Obama administration acted too quickly with their firing of the USDA employee.

Meanwhile, right wing-nut blogger Andrew Breithart is gloating like the guilty party given the chalk by the police to outline where the body was found.

Like he was above suspicion for his deliberate character assassination of Sherrod, whom he made look like a racist because he edited what was an inspirational story and, by his own hand and twisted mind, made a mockery of an epiphany.

From lemonade he made a lemon —– in true blue Foxhole fashion.

There are no coincidences in politics and for those who cover it with deception:

The Sherrod fiasco was staged by Fox and Breitbart at the beginning of this week when the guilty parties knew of two victories that President Obama was going to experience:

1. Democrats went on to bust the GOP filibuster and pass legislation approving the extension of jobless benefits.

2. Obama eventually signed financial reform into law.

You can guess which of the three is receiving the most covereage on cable news networks —- and Fox.

Still another mortal sin in journalism: a news organization, or in this case even a manufactured news organization, should not be making the news. Let alone making it up.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration —- desperately trying to coverits tracks —- said the Sherrod fiasco was “a teachable moment.”

That phrase has become a tired cliche, guys. It was used last year at this same time during another embarrassing moment for the Obama administration — the Henry Louis Gates and Officer James Crowley bruhaha that eventually culminated in that gawd-awful thing the press referred to as the “beer summit.”

If you’re really interested in a teachable moment, learn at least one simple lesson: Wait until all the facts are in because if recent history has taught you anything it’s everything that Fox Manufactured News regurgitates has no basis in facts.

Stand up to the bullies on the playground.

They’ll keep coming back for more if you don’t.

They’re junkyard dogs:

The bloated bulldog on the radio.

The pit bull with the lipstick.

The rabid German shepherd with the Nazi obsession.

The Yorkshire terrier with the spray-on tan that can’t stop yelping.

They all have a bone to pick with diversity, ethics and progressive ideas.

They’re junkyard dogs that feast on their own garbage.

But they have plenty of fleas that stick to them like leeches.

Be warned — they can be taught new dirty tricks.

Don’t let them seize the pulpit — because when you try to get it back, they’ll just move it away like that football and you’ll end up on your keester again.

And you’ll still be answering when they call “here kitty-kittty…”

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